What is ClearlyFabulous?
08/18/2009, 6:29 PM
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ClearlyFabulous is based on my vision for life.  As a young professional woman with a profound interest in fashion, design, and ahem… wine, ClearlyFabulous is all about my own personal brand of living—which I am hoping some of you share.  I am *clearly* into the good life and want to share it with you.  Since I am a beginning blogger, I aim to catch you chicas up at least twice a week in 2009, more often when the mood and muse strike!

I am a “more is more” kind of girl when it comes to fashion:  diamonds, sequins, leather/suede/fur – you get the hint!  From black to leopard print to hot pink, Saks to TJMaxx to Goodwill, granny chic to sophisticated casual to yacht wear, I always seek to push the envelope and represent my style at every turn. 

Michael Kors Hot Pink Dress - 2009

Michael Kors Hot Pink Dress - 2009

In my mind, a compliment subtracts $1 in cost from each item I purchase, so I love it when people “get” the vision of my ensemble BUT I do dress for myself and other chic/strange women.  While I often vacay specifically with shopping in mind, I am still looking for a hobby that does not involve whipping out my Hello Kitty debit card.

Hello Kitty Debit Card from Bank of America

Hello Kitty Debit Card from Bank of America

When it comes to home design, I live for the eclectic, gilded, and vintage which often comes in the shape of chandeliers, faux fur throws, and lots of painted thrift pieces…  All to create my “where the heck did you find that?” vision realized.  My goal:  no other home should ever look like mine; minimal matching allowed! 

My home has literally been sourced piece by piece, but somehow it all works together, much to Mamita’s dismay.  Of course, there are still items I am craving (mirrored side tables and/or dresser, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, Barcelona chair and ottoman/daybed, palm trees I don’t kill) but part of what I love most about both fashion and design  is the hunt for the perfect piece! 

Mies van de Rohe Daybed

Mies van de Rohe Daybed

Stay tuned as I share some fun and random stories with you along the way.  Have I mentioned my love for sparkling wine—especially dry rose, I’m not a snob about the country, region, or price point—and Sauvignon Blanc?  Don’t worry, it’s INTEGRAL to my very existence… as you will see.

Moet and Chandon Rose Sparkling Wine

Moet and Chandon Rose Sparkling Wine


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