The Jessica Simpson Saga Continues…
09/14/2009, 2:02 PM
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OK, so I wrote back in late August about my obsession with the Jessica Simpson Halli sandal.  And I ordered them after careful deliberation.  I am sorry I haven’t written about them sooner, but Mamita was in town and we were so busy entertaining her that it seemed rude to start writing a post.

I FINALLY wore the shoes to work on Friday with my GAP premium straight leg jeans, red favorite tee, and ivory and navy piped blazer.  I only had 2 meetings, so I figured it was a good day to test drive new shoes.  Let me admit that I HATE breaking in new shoes.  My friends Amy and Jo’ie have been kind enough to me over the years to break in SEVERAL pairs of shoes for me.  But I thought I’d live on the edge and break in my own shoes.  And I read such rave reviews about the comfort factor on…

 Those chicas were lying through their teeth!  I will admit to buying them in an 8.5 instead of an 8, which I ALWAYS do with pointy toe pumps to ensure that I have enough room in the toe box.  My feet kept slipping forward; there was no support for the balls of my feet.  Just as Amy predicted, “Hammertoes and hot soles waiting to happen…” 

Hammertoes - YIKES!!!

Hammertoes - YIKES!!!

I got compliments because the shoes are HOT.  But really, I am 30 years old – way too old to be wearing shoes that hurt like hell.  What a conundrum…

 Then my Aunt Tracey (and mother-in-law Robin and Aunt Jamie) came over on Saturday night for an evening of vino and conversation.  I did send the link to Aunt Tracey last week, and she even commented that she loved ClearlyFabulous.  One of the first things she said is, “How are the Jessica Simpsons?  Did you get them?” 

Much Coveted Halli Sandal

Much Coveted Halli Sandal

So I took her upstairs to see them and told her about my shoe horror story.  OF course she wears an 8 too.  I told her to wear the shoes all night so that she could see how much they hurt.  BUT they didn’t hurt her at all.  She was fly in them; she was comfortable in them.  She said, “Michelle, you know these are not your shoes.  These are my shoes.  Let me buy them from you.”

Anyone who knows me knows that there is ALWAYS a chance you will leave my dressing room with some shoe, bag, etc., that I realize I don’t really need in my life anymore.  So CLEARLY it is not in nature to let me aunt (or anyone I know) BUY anything from me.  So, I took a picture of her rocking the shoes so that you can see they are happy and loved at home – with someone else. 

Aunt Tracey in Halli Sandals

Jessica, do you hear me?  YOU REALLY NEED TO STEP YOUR GAME UP!  Cute is not enough these days in footwear. 

Jessica Simpson Kain Slingback

Jessica Simpson Kain Slingback

Jessica Simpson Amona Peep Toe

Jessica Simpson Amona Peep Toe

Jessica Simpson Jonas Boot

Jessica Simpson Jonas Boot

Or maybe I am just too damn old to wear your shoes.  But I’d like to, and I’d like my friends to as well.  Take your breakup energy and reinvest in your shoe line.  Make them comfortable and BEAUTIFUL!!!  Then maybe more girls like me will dig them.


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I hate that I was right. I know you loved the idea of those shoes. I gave some shoes away this weekend, too. It’s just us making room for more shopping trips!

Comment by Amy

OMG!First off I L-O-V-E this blog Michelle. It makes me smile!!
SoO, My girl Marnie actually owns the Jessica Simpson “Amona Peep Toe”‘s. They are so amazing! They are what I think of when I think of red shoes. I think most chix swear by the “comfort factor” when it comes to Jessica’s shoes, because most of them are platforms. But hey! I could be wrong. xoxo

Comment by taylor

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