These are a few of my favorite (shopping) things…
09/19/2009, 1:12 PM
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A random, time-killing visit to New York & Company (remember when it used to be called Lerner? Man, me and my girls used to tear up the 80% off section at the one in downtown Pittsburgh)

Forbes and Fifth corridor in downtown Pittsburgh

Forbes and Fifth corridor in downtown Pittsburgh

at Cumberland Mall inspired me to write this. I have a very-soon-to-come post regarding the current state of Cumberland Mall too…

I originally went to mall to FINALLY pick up my black sequin leggings at Express. I had been stalking Express with Jory all week for them. After a bit of prodding from Jory, I asked the manager on duty, “When are the sequin leggings coming in?”

She said, “Tomorrow. We are only getting a size run, so let me know what size you wear and I will have the staff hold them for you. Can you pick them up tomorrow?”

Woo hoo!!!! One of my Fall Must Haves scratched off the list… Now where the hell am I going to wear them?

Express Black Sequin Leggings

Express Black Sequin Leggings

So after the joy of getting exactly what I want and getting $30 off with a great coupon – sign up for the Express email list; they send these kinds of coupons fairly often – I was thrilled.

I had a few minutes before I needed to leave the mall to pick Jamison up from work, so I decided to head to New York & Company and Gap. Sadly, the random Asian massage place was blocking my convenient access to Gap and I didn’t feel like arguing about NOT wanting a massage, so I headed to New York & Company first.

I found some great flower pins on sale for a mere $1.99. Hello, score!!!!!! One of my classic accessories for the low.

I waited in line for about 5 minutes to buy this $6 worth of merchandise, but it was a good deal AND I had time to kill… As I finally step up to the register, the sales girl says, “What is your phone number? … Are you a member of our free rewards program?”

Me: No

Her: Would you like to sign up? It’s free?

Me: Of course, I LOVE free rewards programs. Doesn’t everyone?

Her: No, a lot of people won’t sign up.

Me: Why, that’s stupid?

Her: shrugs

Her: If you activate your card, you’ll get a coupon

Me: I LOVE coupons! They are one of my favorite things… maybe I should blog about this…

Her: Oh, you blog? What’s it about?

Me: It’s called ClearlyFabulous. It’s a lifestyle blog. (Wishing I had a card to hand her RIGHT at that moment with the site and my email address…)

Now, back to purpose of this blog – These are a few of my favorite (shopping) things…

Free Stuff – whatever it is, I am all about it: samples, VS undies, gift cards, canvas shopping bags, etc.

Coupons – I never buy things full price ever. And If I want something when it first comes out, some coupon action always makes me feel like it’s OK

Rewards – now DSW is definitely a place that this has led to good things. The $10 Reward Certificate always makes me happy. Ulta also has good rewards. Nine West has Nine Loves. And now, apparently so does New York & Company and a million other retailers…

DSW – great shoes, good quality, the place that almost makes me happiest in the world. And you can always find something good even in the Clearance section!!! The location in Buckhead Station is truly one of the BEST in the country. Ah, the rewards…

DSW pic

T.J. Maxx – if you look hard enough, you can find anything from my mom’s favorite perfume (Chloe Narcisse) to Vera Wang Lavender Label dresses to Bliss Shock Therapy body wash (discontinued for retail sale at Bliss, so you can find the giant 32 oz spa version – thanks Jo, for turning me into an addict for this stuff) to Italian leather handbags to great home accent and furniture pieces to UnderArmour (clearly for Jamison’s football-on-the-weekend playing)… Visit the rest of the Holy Trifecta at Marshall’s and Ross.

TJ Maxx pic



BOGO – it doesn’t matter if I’m at the grocery store or Old Navy, if I can get one for FREE or 50% off, there is a great chance I’ll get it!


Knowledgeable Staff – tell me when the shipment is arriving, how many mega pixels is best, which brands are winning awards, when the big sale is starting… and I’m loyal to you and your commission for life!!!!!!

Smiling Staff Pic

Of course, there are more favorite things, but I am just getting you inspired to start your Saturday (Shopping) Day. Good luck out there!!!



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