Lola: A Dream Deferred…
09/20/2009, 6:54 PM
Filed under: Product Reviews

I have been dying for the new Marc Jacobs Lola since I rubbed it on my forearm from Bazaar magazine two months ago.  It is everything I love in a fragrance:  spicy, sexy, musky – all in an unbelievably beautiful bottle!

marc jacobs lola

2 bottles lola

top of lola bottle

Since Lola was sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s last month, I had to wait a bit to get my “test-on-my-arm” spray.  I headed to the local Macy’s and happily got a whiff on the tester card.

“Hook me up,” I said to the fragrance lady.  She gave me ONE generous spray.  It was very powerful but I wanted to let it die down and settle in while Jory and I cruised the mall. 

By the time we made it to Forever 21 (aka XXI), it was OBVIOUS that the scent was not for me.  It was so heady I almost passed out and hurled – all at the same time. 😦 

But I have not given up on how great the scent is… so go out, give it a spray and if it doesn’t smell terrible on you, make it your new signature fragrance.  I am sticking to my good old reliables:

Trouble by Boucheron – I smelled it in passing at the mall and couldn’t resist.  That it’s named Trouble is like icing on the cupcake.


Pure Poison by Dior – I lusted after it for so long, it was pitiful.  I feel like a sexpot every single time I spray it’s oriental floral goodness.

pure poison

Dior Addict – another sexy ass oriental by Dior.  Need I say more?  Got this one before Pure Poison and still love it to death!

dior addict

Hanae Mori– this was a random suggestion by the Saks perfume gal and GOD I love it!  It’s one of my most wearable  and it really works for every day and special occasions.  For some reason, I only bought 1.7 oz, which I never do, so I’m bound to ask for more for Christmas…

hanae mori

What’s your favorite spicy, oriental/floral, musky scent?  I feel like I need a new one?  I considered DKNY Delicious Night, but it just seems so common…


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