Girl Crush Wednesday: Good Girl (Jennifer Garner)/Bad Girl (Rose McGowan)
09/30/2009, 10:10 PM
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OK, the name of this first inaugural “Girl Crush” post is inspired by a fashion show that some very stylish and creative young ladies put on in my home.  (It was adorable.  They styled themselves in my dressing room – shoes, accessories, handbags, sunglasses, jackets, etc. – and came down the staircase to “model” for us.)

 One of their vignettes was titled, “The Color Purple:  Good Girl/Bad Girl.”  The bad girl came down the stairs in fur-covered handcuffs (technically pink, not purple) that they clearly uncovered from somewhere.  (Don’t ask me, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”)  The good girl’s look evades me as I recall the fact that young girls were in my house – with their parents present, wearing handcuffs as they came down the stairs…

 So on, to my new Wednesday feature – my girl crush(es.)  This week is a strong case of juxtaposition:  Jennifer Garner, who in real life is a sweet, adorable girl next door, versus Rose McGowan, the sexy and sultry screen siren.

Jennifer Garner

alias sydney

jennifer garner

jennifer garner_3


 Jennifer Garner can definitely play an ass kicking, fiercely dangerous chick (see her Alias character, Sydney, and the movie, “The Kingdom” if you don’t know!)  BUT she is a super-cute and adorable woman, a mother to TWO adorable children.  (I must admit that while Suri is the chicest of children, there is something about the blonde, regular-kid-ness of that darn Violet.  I am kinda in love with her.  Admittedly, I have a STRANGE fascination with blonde children…)

 Plus, she is married to Ben Affleck, who was BORN to be a superhero – hello, cleft chin and broad shoulders.  Rachel Zoe, who I “DIE” for, is her stylist.  She reps Neutrogena, my first dedicated skincare line in adolescence (remember when you used bar soap before facial wash?)

 Rose McGowan


rose mcgowan_car




rose mcgowan_red

Rose McGowan stunned me as a different Sydney’s cheerleader best friend in “Scream,” which I went on about six or seven dates to see…  “Jawbreaker” remains one of my guilty pleasure movies, though I was never really into the series “Charmed.” 

 Her dating Marilyn Manson and Robert Rodriguez is rather interesting; she was engaged to both of them and has allegedly now broken off her engagement to Rodriguez.  And my strange attraction to BOTH very pale skinned and extremely tan chicks remains bizarre…

 A new lady next week!  Who are your girl crush(es)?


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