Save Your Wardrobe from Stains – Tide Stain Release
10/31/2009, 9:10 PM
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A few weeks ago I had to work late.  (BTW, I have been working crazy hours a lot lately.)  Being a cocktails kind of gal, I thought it better to spend 90 minutes working at my local T.G.I. Friday’s than at the office.  I ordered my happy hour usual, a tall Bud Light and Boneless Buffalo Wings… which I enjoyed immensely – in my favorite ivory cowl neck dress.

And as I walked out – feeling accomplished and disciplined for putting in the extra time to make my tomorrow more manageable at work – I looked down and saw BUFFALO SAUCE on my favorite freaking dress.  Oh no!  My husband Jamison said, “Who eats buffalo wings while wearing white?”  Sure, that all sounds so common sense, but I am not USUALLY a messy gal.

Man, when I got home I tried Shout – twice.  No luck.  I tried OxiClean – twice; it got lighter but it was still there.  I tried my good old reliable stain remover I stocked up from White House Black Market before they stopped carrying it, and the stain was STILL there.

I frantically called my mom – who knows everything about everything – to ask her for advice.  She told me she got a three-year old stain out of a dress using Tide Stain Release.  I bought a small package at Publix for $3.99 and popped the dress in the wash with Woolite and one packet of Stain Release.  It worked the first time!

I am not paid to tell you this.  I’ve gotten no Proctor & Gamble swag to reveal this – although P&G, Unilever, Tom Ford, Bliss, etc. feel free to send me some swag and I’ll be happy to give my HONEST opinion…  Tide Stain Release rocks!  Get some and be sure to use it with any stain and you won’t be sorry.

You can get a coupon here…

Tide Stain Release


Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag
10/30/2009, 11:03 PM
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The one bag that would make me re-consider never buying a black handbag… at $1895, it is really almost an entire paycheck!  Damn…  A girl can dream…

 Jimmy Choo Blythe

Wednesday Girl Crush: Nia Long
10/29/2009, 2:48 PM
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I have always said that Nia is beautiful – not hot, not pretty.  But Jamison pointed out today that I have yet to feature a brown or black girl as my girl crush… as if I am not into black chicks.  Now that doesn’t sound like a black girl from Nebraska, so I’m giving love to my”brown-skinned ladies”…

Nia looks just as fly with her Indian hair weave as she does shorn super close.  She has an elegant sophistication about her, which I love.  And it all started with “Love Jones” for me…




Nia Long



FYI: R.I.P. Valentino D’Orsay
10/27/2009, 10:42 PM
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Well, guys after much deliberation, I have returned the Valentino D’orsay  Pewter Pumps after nearly 6 months in my closet without one night on the town. 


It wasn’t nearly as difficult or exhausting to return the shoes as I thought and now I’ve got over $750 coming back into my bank account, and I’ve got a plan to get myself lots of good, solid pieces that I will LOVE and WEAR.  And I really want to start following the “if I haven’t worn it in 2 weeks, I must return it” rule.  Because let’s be real, if you LOVE IT – you are gonna WEAR it ASAP.

So, R.I.P. Valentinos…


Jory’s Fashion Do’s
10/27/2009, 12:09 AM
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Just went cruising Phipps Plaza with Jory, and we visited his FAVE store – Barney’s Co-op.  I noticed that everything he loved was in four categories:

1.  Grey

Theory Townes Sweater Dark Grey

Theory Townes Sweater

2.  Plaid

Nom De Guerre Grey Plaid

Nom De Guerre Grey Plaid Shirt

theory floral sport shirt

Theory Floral Shirt

Not Plaid, but still printed

3.  Cardigans

Grey Colorblock Cardigan

CO-OP Grey Colorblock Cardigan

Elizabeth and James Sale and Pepper Cardigan

4.  Hoodies

rogan sweatshirt

Rogan Sweatshirt

I’m sure that I have some categories too, but they are quite different:  bling, bright, cinched and vintage…

Fall Wish List: The Bib Necklace
10/24/2009, 9:20 PM
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So, last week Jory and I finally headed to Zara to get him an amazing coat we’d spied weeks ago.  I casually looked around while he was checking out and tried on a really cute wool jacket.  But do I really need another jacket?

Then, as we were headed out of the store, we spied this on a hanger with a LBD:

Feather shawl in store

Feather shawl in store

Feather shawl on my fave LBD

Feather shawl on my fave LBD

I can just see myself wearing this all the time – with wife beater and jeans, with LBD, with turtleneck…  I am DYING to get it out of the closet and out on the town ASAP.

And sadly, they were all sold out of this, but I might just have to look everywhere for it:

Zara Feather Belt

Zara Feather Belt

Blow Your Paycheck Friday
10/23/2009, 3:22 PM
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In my field trip last Saturday to Phipps Plaza, I traipsed past the Tory Burch store.  The whole aesthetic is a bit “surburban soccer mom” (courtesy of my fabulous friend Jory) for me liking.  BUT the long Annabel Jacket caught me eye.  And at $995 plus tax, you can blow a good chunk of your paycheck on it.

Tory Burch Long Annabel Jacket

Tory Burch Long Annabel Jacket

I am definitely gonna need the look for less…