Girl Crush Wednesday: Kim Kardashian
10/08/2009, 10:48 PM
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Sorry, I’m late with my girl crush post.  I wrote it last week but I’ve been in Canada for work, totally disconnected from the world so I couldn’t press Publish…  Here’s my hot broad of the day…

OK, so I know the Kardashian sisters generate a lot of criticism on the blogosphere. I think they are all beautiful in their own ways – yes, Chloe too! I don’t care who thinks she’s a tranny! I dig that she is tall and think and not afraid of herself.

And even Kourtney who was dumb enough to get knocked up by her ex-boyfriend that she dumped b/c he wasn’t worthy of trust.

But let’s focus on MY girl crush. I unfortunately share her with my husband, who thinks she is HOT! And I can’t be mad, she is HOT!  But he is into ass, and me… not so much.

Kim Kardashian has had some interesting relationships (even Nick Lachey? really?), and I am not sure exactly what purpose she serves in the universe but really hot chicks don’t need THAT much purpose in their lives, do they? I mean, I am happy to JUST look at her! In all her glory… even if she dated Reggie Bush, the guy with the best smile and biggest diamond earrings!

And I LOVE her makeup – big false lashes, nude lips, pink blush!  Sign me up.  Glad she ditched the attempt at blonde cuz I was NOT FEELING IT!


kim kardash_swim

kim kardash_zebra swim





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