Raphael de la Ghetto in Cobb County?
11/20/2009, 9:37 PM
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So, I’ve only been in ATL for five years.  This means I don’t know about all of city’s drama.  My husband, on the other hand, is an ATLien – so he gives me random scoop.  Cobb County, Georgia is one of the most – perhaps THE most – conservative counties in the USA. 

And Cumberland Mall is right smack in Cobb County … and right around the corner from my job.  And Cobb County did not want brown or black people getting into their neck of the woods, so they stopped mass transit from coming in and created their own transit system – CCT.  And low and behold the mall is crawling with Raphael de la (my aunt’s code name for ghetto) Ghetto establishments.

That the mall is right around the corner from my job means that I go (with Jory) for lunch often.  And on one trip, Jory and I noticed there are very few “real” stores and lots of bootleg ghetto stores that you’ve never heard of:

All the bootleg stores in a newly renovated, very bourgeiosie-looking mall is very strange.  The atmosphere and quality of goods totally don’t match!  So, this usually makes for a pretty straightforward mall shopping trip:  Express, DSW (sometimes b/c the selection is not great), Forever 21 (aka XXI) and now… H&M.

We decided to check out the opening of Atlanta’s newest H&M.  We arrived at 9:45 am expecting the store to open at 10.  At 10:15, the security guards confirmed the store would not open until 12 noon.  So we shopped at Forever 21, browsed some stores and headed for a delicious low carb lunch of lettuce wraps and cobb salad at The Cheesecake Factory before returning to H&M at 11:55 am. 

They opened the store right as we got in line and we skirted in quite easily.  There was so much to look at and there was SO MUCH store.  It went on forever – back deep and out wide and 2 stories high!  I scored only a few pieces:  a blue sequined slouchy vest, a feather headband, and a flower and feather brooch.  I’ll show them to you soon.


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