Girl Crush Wednesday: Scarlett Johansson
11/26/2009, 5:10 PM
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OK, so I must admit – I have been in full on LOVE with Scarlett Johansson for quite some time.  I think she is truly gorgeous and the movie “The Black Dahlia” sealed the deal for me.  (Admittedly, I may have been more in love with the costume design than the screenplay.)

That she is buxom and blonde helps out a lot.  I’ve already said – sorry if it offends – I am not really into the waif look.  And I have some strange affinity for blondes.

Scarlett’s hotness crosses over – from men to women (sexy ass sarcastic husband doesn’t hurt), fashion to men’s mags, even blonde to brunette (though you won’t see any brunette pics of her for the aforementioned reason.)  Enjoy her over the top hotness with me!


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Did you know that she has an insanely low IQ?

Comment by Jory

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