What I’m Thankful For…
11/26/2009, 5:30 PM
Filed under: Holiday

At Thanksgiving in my house, we all went around the table to tell what we’re thankful for… so here is my blogosphere version:

  • My loving husband who puts up with my know-it-all-ness and only gets upset at me sporadically
  • My fabulous family:  jack-of-all-trades and best cook in the world Mamita; sequin-wearing, jazz-singing Ganny; adorable and hysterically entertaining sisters and brother; in-laws I love; the people who share no DNA with me but that have become part of my nuclear family over the years
  • A great (well-paying) job that allows me to live a fabulous lifestyle and a great (and stylish) friend I found there
  • Being a good cook (thanks again to my mom for making me “keep her company” in the kitchen)
  • My wardrobe of vintage, thrift, TJX, DSW, boutique and mall over-the-top fabulous items
  • Friends that understand me and don’t try to change me (and go shopping with me)
  • Making solid life decisions – even ones that mean that 2009 is likely my last year as a Hilton Diamond member, Delta Gold Medallion and Marriott Rewards Gold member and that I’ve got 62 miles round trip to and from work each day
  • Being proud of the woman I’ve become
  • NOT hosting Thanksgiving dinner
  • Cocktailery and cheese (especially when scored from a Sharyn Kolstad Wisconsin run)

Take some time to think of what you are thankful for and let everyone know!  And drink some champagne and eat some turkey, Crescent rolls and red velvet cake – think about the carbs and calories tomorrow (or Monday…)


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Hey Michelle!! I loved the blog (I def read every post haha) and the fact that you love your in-laws =]]

Comment by Jamilla

Can yuh gimmie a definition for the red velvet cake if ya gemme Nuff Luv Safe Blad xXx

Comment by Lorraine

Baby I love you

Comment by Jim

I love Red Velvet Cake it is so delicous and yummy yall should try it i think it is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Meshia

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