My Christmas Loot
12/27/2009, 11:25 PM
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So I must admit that this Christmas was a total score!  As Jamison and I waited for a table at lunch at the Tavern at Phipps yesterday, we (really I) chatted with a random fellow at the bar.  He said, “I got plenty of things that I actually want to keep this year.” 

And it was SO true.  It’s like with the recession, people felt they should spend their hard-earned money on something their friends and family actually wanted this year.  Here are some of my favorite gifts from the holiday:

Mirrored side tables – I have wanted these from Target forever and luckily my mom and sisters bought them for me.  Remember one of my early posts “My Love of Bling Extends to All Things”?

DKNY DeliciousNight – I have wanted this fragrance forever!!!  It is such a good musky oriental scent, which I absolutely love.   And hello – the bottle ROCKS!!!!!

Hanae Mori Blue Butterfly – my current stash is almost gone so this is a backup bottle for me.  This is one of those lucky finds from a random Saks sales lady that I told I loved spicy, oriental scents. 

Brown sequin beret – I love berets and I love sequins, so as you can imagine, I LOVE sequined berets!!!  And I didn’t have a brown one, so score!!!!! 

Coach leather and logo-cuffed gloves – what a great gift from my mother-in-law.  I can’t wait to wear them with my camel-hair and fox fur collar coat.  The turquoise color will set it off!!!!!  (FYI my in-laws said the lady in the Coach store apparently said, “These are cute but they are a little too much for me.”  And my husband said, “Well that sounds exactly like Michelle.”)

Snuggie in leopard print (two!!!!!) – one from Amy and one from Jory, so one for upstairs and one for downstairs

Black leather ruffled gloves – I saw these on the Black Friday email from Charming Charlie’s and contemplated going to Newnan to buy them that morning but I was not able to talk myself into it.  (As you can tell, I LOVE gloves.  They are among my favorite accessories.)  Luckily, Amy made these happen.

Turquoise feather and flower headband – I am obsessed with embellished headbands.  Here is another one for the collection!

1000 thread count sheet set and feather-filled pillows – from my “mommy”-in-law, dying to get them and change the sheets!!!!!!!!!

And a few things I bought for myself yesterday…

Joan & David leopard print pony hair platform pumps – on 50% off clearance at DSW, woo hoo

Story… after Jamison and I had lunch at my favorite Buckhead restaurant and spied TONS of Saks bags I had to go and check out the Saks shoe sale.  My amazing experience was ruined when a chubby and obviously unhappy tween yelled angrily at her mother, “Come ON, Mom.  Let’s go!!!!!!!”  I shot her the dirtiest look I could muster before grabbing Jamison from the sofa and insisting that we leave immediately.  (As you can imagine, he was shocked we were departing less than 2 minutes into our excursion at the shoe sale.)  I stopped for a quick glance at the beauty department and purchased…

Kiehl’s lip gloss in Golden Berry – to replace my favorite discontinued Benefit gloss, has a similar look

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – this was an impulse purchase courtesy of arriving at the mall bare-faced (after an insomnia-riddled week) along with a lovely and convincing Saks sales lady (no relation to previous sales lady that turned me on to Hanae Mori Blue Butterfly.)  There is just something about the beautiful gold YSL packaging that makes you feel like a queen!!!


Girl Crush Wednesday: Alicia Keys
12/23/2009, 1:33 PM
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OK, so I admit that I have been in love with Alicia keys since I saw the video for “Falling” on Midnight love in the summer of 2001.  She is so talented and back then, she made great albums.  I must admit I have not been thrilled with her last few albums but she has admittedly gotten MORE GORGEOUS as time goes on…  from long cornrows to full ringlets, from pale to bronzed, from thick thighs and wide hips to KILLER body courtesy of the 5 factor diet, from street style to high style fashions, what more could we ask for?

The sketchy affair with Swizz is truly in poor taste but I guess she did have to deal with rumors about her sexuality for a long time…  How is he an acceptable option though?  The whole home wrecker thing is a LOT for me to handle.  So here is to the beauty of a woman whose music I once loved…


Loving the bustier and industrial background

Under stage lights in gilded shoes and clothes

Simply beautiful in white beater and gold hoop earrings

In a gorgeous pink gown slit up to there on the red carpet

Performing “Empire State of Mind” in black leather jumpsuit

With a cascade of ringlets

In a tough leather jacket with aviator shades

As a sexy contract killer

On the Vanity Fair red carpet in a yellow gown

As Michelle Obama with faux Beau, Sasha and Malia

OMFG – Boycotting Newport News
12/22/2009, 2:21 PM
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So… I wrote a while back about my joy in finding that Newport News was once again producing my favorite tried and true leather pointed toe boot with 1.5 inch heel.  And they were SUPPOSED to be headed to me by December 14th.  Then I was notified they would arrive on January 4th.  And guess what I got yesterday in one of those enclosed envelopes that you have to tear off the three sides:

“Dear Customer:

“We regret having to cancel your order for the item listed below.  Our supplier has notified us that it is now permanently out of stock.  No charge has been applied to your Visa account for this item…

“If you have any questions, please contact our customer service representatives at…  We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you in the future.”

So… guess who is BOYCOTTING NEWPORT NEWS FOR A TERM OF NO LESS THAN SIX MONTHS?  Me… and hopefully, all of you – which will make shopping for swimwear a little for expensive since they are my exclusive provider.  😦  But a company that does this to their customers is not worthy of getting my money.  This is unacceptable.  Spread the word – we are boycotting Newport News.

“Why are these so popular,” she asks?
12/22/2009, 1:45 PM
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So, it was finally sunny in Atlanta as I was driving to work yesterday.  I reached in my console to grab my favorite shades and they were BROKEN!  In half!!!!!  WTF?  How did this happen?  F@c%!!!!!!! 

So I made Jory come to the mall with me at lunchtime to get some new toirtoise Wayfarer-style glasses.  I had purchased these particular shades several years ago on a great accessories website I’v long since lost track of… so how would I get them again? 

The good news is that Ray Ban wayfarers have come back with a vengeance – the bad news is that the traditional Ray Bans are smaller than I wanted…  But I found a pair in orange that I could tolerate at one of those godforsaken mall knockoff sunglass kiosks…  for $12.99.  But I could get TWO for $20 so we walked around while she had some time to stock and search for some black or tortoise ones.

When we returned, she had made no progress because she kept “selling these [Ray Bans] to teenagers.”  As I signed my name she asked me, “Do you mind telling me why these are so popular?”  I let her know that these are knockoffs of very famous vintage Ray Bans that are now back in style.  Jory and I laughed our asses off!!!!  How do you not know about sunglass styles when you work at the sunglass kiosk?  LOL.

So I came home looking for some truly suitable replacement shades b/c I am ALL ABOUT replacing my favorite things.  There are just some things a girl can’t live without…  And I discovered the unthinkable – I could buy an entire dozen of these cheap-o knockoffs for $20 at Wholesale Discount Sunglasses on the web at

I’ve been getting hustled for years on knockoff sunglasses!  I may go buy myself a whole box!

A Clueless Tragedy… R.I.P. Brittany Murphy
12/20/2009, 11:43 PM
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I am sure that most of you know by now that Brittany Murphy passed away this morning from full cardiac arrest.  This has SO deeply saddened me – because I graduated from high school in 1997, which means that I am of the Clueless era.   

My best friend at the University of Pittsburgh was a lovely girl named Sheriden, who just so happened to be from Beverly Hills.  I, born in Nebraska with my formative years spent in North Little Rock, AR, was blown away by an actual person from Beverly Hills.  An actual person from Beverly Hills who has NEVER seen the movie “Clueless.”  

Of course I felt it critical to immediately solve this little problem.  And nearly every night after that, she and I watched “Clueless” and giggled the night away (until my boyfriend got annoyed by it and we changed to every other day.)  

I still know every word of the movie.  Of course, I connected most to Cher, played my Alicia Silverstone back when she ate meat, cheese and butter and wore leather.  Perhaps the gorgeous Stacey Dash as Dionne would have been a more appropriate “role model” but I was in love with Cher… “Oops, my bad.”  [Pan to driving test scene in her “most responsible shirt.”]  Especially at how she wanted to make over Brittany Murphy as Tai, the new grungy girl in school.  (I was a sucker for a makeover in my younger days but still love acting as personal shopper to friends, family and total strangers.)  



 How these stars changed after this movie.  Alicia became overweight, then vegan.  Stacey Dash stayed exactly the same; I mean she literally looks exactly the same, which BTW, is gorgeous.  She was perhaps my FIRST girl crush in the movie, “Moving.”  Brittany Murphy went on to make a bizarre series of movies including the creepy “Don’t Say a Word” and playing Eminem’s crazy ex-wife Kim in his hip-hop life story.  Paul Rudd is the king of Judd Apatow films.  And Donald Faison is dating Jessica Simpson’s best friend/assistant CaCee Cobb. 


And now Brittany Murhpy is gone?  Seriously.  I have had enough of these stars keeling over on me this year – Michael, Heath (“10 Things I Hate About You” is another FAVE movie), DJ AM, Chris Henry (not that I knew who he was before he died last week) and now Brittany…   

I’ll tell you what – these tragedies should remind us all why we should live every single day to the fullest, because tomorrow might not really come…  I am vowing to take my ass back to the gym, eat less red meat, and my immediate action is to have a glass of red wine RIGHT NOW.  Let’s all take a moment to think of everything we are grateful for and to remember Brittany…  


Radiant in pink with bronzed skin




Being silly and enjoying life, just how I remember her best.

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Chanel Camelia Ring
12/18/2009, 4:11 PM
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So, guys I have to admit that I am sucker for Chinatown in NYC.  There is something about being on Canal St. that makes me so happy.  You can find a horrible knockoff of just about anything fashionable there.  But I am imagining what it is like to buy my Chanel joaillerie at a fine establishment while sipping Veuve Clicquot and admiring black and sparkling diamonds…

… instead of baking on the sidewalk, with funky Asian foods and rotten produce wafting in the air, with people bumping into you forcing you to fear pickpockets or worse, being sold into sex slavery…  So here is to blowing lots and lots and lots and lots… of paychecks on something so beautiful and so valuable your great-great-great-granddaughter will know stories all about you and how chic her great-great-great-grandmother was…

Girl Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo
12/16/2009, 9:18 PM
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OK, so I must admit I have been in love with J. Lo since watching “Out of Sight in 1999.”  And while I don’t own “On the 6” those songs were part of my formative years – I mean I turned 20 right after that album came out.  Jennifer Lopez inspired me to wear bronzer, color my hair golden (twice – disaster BOTH times!) and go to dance clubs.  And the fact that she knows that only ONE body part should be bare (as a general rule) inspired me style-wise.

She has been with some cuties, including Marc Anthony (her current husband), Puff Daddy (ya’ll know he is cute even if he’s a slimeball), and Ben Affleck (ah, those days were VERY entertaining.)  She is a dancer, an actress, a singer (albeit she is no Aretha) and even a fashion and fragrance designer.  Did I mention she is a gorgeous Nuyorican chica from the Bronx?

But her lackluster performance of “Louboutins” on the AMAs has led to her record company potentially pulling a Eve-after-Tambourine-which-happens-to-be-my-hot-ish (aka NO ALBUM) move.  Let’s hope her career is not falling downhill too quickly.  Come on, J. Lo has some classics on her hand:

  • Waiting for Tonight
  • My Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  • Ain’t It Funny (and all the other random Ja remixes)
  • The Wedding Planner
  • Made In Manhattan
  • Get Right (is that what it’s called?  loved that song!!!)
  • U Turn (begrudgingly added to humour my husband, Jamison, who loves her as a dark haired Latina)

I am sorry it took me SO LONG to chronicle one of my absolute favorite chicas, J. Lo:

As the face of her own Sweetface line…

Sashaying up the runway at her Sweetface show

In her classic face of makeup

With Puffy at the awards show, I loved that she called him “baby”

In the famous green Versace dress!!!

With Marc Anthony – her third husband… (at least I think so)

In gold at the Golden Globes

Performing in black

High fashion chic in stripes (BTW – I D.I.E. for that top)

Sexy shot of “Jenny from the Block”

Still of her in my favorite video, “I’m Gonna Be Alright.”  Gotta love the yellow lens aviators, swimsuit and sandals as she suns herself on the sidewalk in the Bronx (I often did this same thing without a chair in Omaha, NE growing up.)