Girl Crush Wednesday: Leighton Meester
12/09/2009, 1:36 PM
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I’ve been in love with Blair Waldorf and “Gossip Girl” since the first episode one Wednesday night in 2007.  My girl Amy and I always “watched” America’s Next Top Model together each Wednesday (I from my hotel room – then in Fort Lee, NJ; she from her townhouse in Atlanta.)  One fateful night a new show called “Gossip Girl” premiered.  I decided to watch; Amy said she was “too old” for some HS bullsh%t.  I’ve been enamored ever since.

I kinda despise Blair’s character, especially in the early days, but I love her fashion (hello – headbands) and think that real-life Leighton is a hottie.

My husband Jamison said, “Chuck is supposed to be a player, right?  Shouldn’t his girlfriend be fine?”  So maybe Blair doesn’t do it for Jamison, but I hope these photos convince him Leighton is a fly girl worthy of a girl crush.


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Chuck is supposed to be gay. That’s the disconnect.

Comment by Jory

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