“Why are these so popular,” she asks?
12/22/2009, 1:45 PM
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So, it was finally sunny in Atlanta as I was driving to work yesterday.  I reached in my console to grab my favorite shades and they were BROKEN!  In half!!!!!  WTF?  How did this happen?  F@c%!!!!!!! 

So I made Jory come to the mall with me at lunchtime to get some new toirtoise Wayfarer-style glasses.  I had purchased these particular shades several years ago on a great accessories website I’v long since lost track of… so how would I get them again? 

The good news is that Ray Ban wayfarers have come back with a vengeance – the bad news is that the traditional Ray Bans are smaller than I wanted…  But I found a pair in orange that I could tolerate at one of those godforsaken mall knockoff sunglass kiosks…  for $12.99.  But I could get TWO for $20 so we walked around while she had some time to stock and search for some black or tortoise ones.

When we returned, she had made no progress because she kept “selling these [Ray Bans] to teenagers.”  As I signed my name she asked me, “Do you mind telling me why these are so popular?”  I let her know that these are knockoffs of very famous vintage Ray Bans that are now back in style.  Jory and I laughed our asses off!!!!  How do you not know about sunglass styles when you work at the sunglass kiosk?  LOL.

So I came home looking for some truly suitable replacement shades b/c I am ALL ABOUT replacing my favorite things.  There are just some things a girl can’t live without…  And I discovered the unthinkable – I could buy an entire dozen of these cheap-o knockoffs for $20 at Wholesale Discount Sunglasses on the web at

I’ve been getting hustled for years on knockoff sunglasses!  I may go buy myself a whole box!


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