Girl Crush Wednesday: Alicia Keys
12/23/2009, 1:33 PM
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OK, so I admit that I have been in love with Alicia keys since I saw the video for “Falling” on Midnight love in the summer of 2001.  She is so talented and back then, she made great albums.  I must admit I have not been thrilled with her last few albums but she has admittedly gotten MORE GORGEOUS as time goes on…  from long cornrows to full ringlets, from pale to bronzed, from thick thighs and wide hips to KILLER body courtesy of the 5 factor diet, from street style to high style fashions, what more could we ask for?

The sketchy affair with Swizz is truly in poor taste but I guess she did have to deal with rumors about her sexuality for a long time…  How is he an acceptable option though?  The whole home wrecker thing is a LOT for me to handle.  So here is to the beauty of a woman whose music I once loved…


Loving the bustier and industrial background

Under stage lights in gilded shoes and clothes

Simply beautiful in white beater and gold hoop earrings

In a gorgeous pink gown slit up to there on the red carpet

Performing “Empire State of Mind” in black leather jumpsuit

With a cascade of ringlets

In a tough leather jacket with aviator shades

As a sexy contract killer

On the Vanity Fair red carpet in a yellow gown

As Michelle Obama with faux Beau, Sasha and Malia


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Where are the sequined booties?

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