How is it already 2010?
01/07/2010, 12:28 AM
Filed under: Holiday

So, first off please forgive me for totally falling off with my posts over the holidays.  I actually intended on writing tons of posts and being “ahead” for January b/c I am traveling a LOT for work and a bit for fun!  (Look forward to hearing about my shopping excursion to Last Change – the place where things go when they leave Nordstrom Rack.)

2009 was a mixed bag year.  I spent the first quarter without a project, worried every day I’d get laid off with all the downsizing.  Then I got a new job, bought a new car an turned 30.  Over the last several months, I have settled in my job – still in love and thinking it was the greatest decision of 2009; grown the love for my car (Hey Sophia!); made a great new friend in Jory; started the Clearly Fabulous blog; and supported my husband through his own layoff.  Saying goodbye to 2009 was not difficult because I am certain 2010 will rock even better.

We started the year off with Wii, drinks, cigars and delicious food from Parish with Ben and Jory.  We are all quite cocktailed by the time that dinner came around, but the food was great albeit VERY rich (who coats a lamb shank in orange sauce?)  We are planning a re-do for dinner in the VERY near future.  I forgot to photograph my glittery New Years outfit but don’t worry, it included sequins, sparkle, rhinestones and fur!!! 

In 2010 I resolve to post more “What I’m Rocking” posts and try to be a less superior wife and know-it-all friend.  The first should be easy to rectify; the latter will be VERY trying for me.  Sh%t, I DOOOOOOOO know it all!  I DOOOOOOOOOOO do everything right and best!  The whole word SHOULD be like me!  But I promise to at least TRY to tone it down…

To a fabulous 2010, let’s toast some rose’ champagne!



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