My Saturday Adventure with Amy
02/08/2010, 2:40 PM
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So, on Saturday Amy aka Lumberjack and I headed up to Norcross for a little Goodwill hunt for her brocade swing  jacket.  Of course, we figured we’d have a bit of lunch and go to Charming Charlie’s and Trader Joe’s too…

At Goodwill, Amy’s scored two great muumuus and an adorable fuschia-ish dress (that she plans to wear to her upcoming cocktail party) and I got a cute navy and white houndstooth blazer.  Score!  Then, we shared some arugula salad, pear and gorgonzola pizza and icy cold beers at a chain froufri pizza restaurant. 

As we were finishing up our lunch, guess what we saw walking through the dining room?  A young white girl with rollers in her hair – in public!  My girl Jeanette hates this common practice in the MS Gulf Coast and NOLA (Go Saints!) but I would NEVER suspect this from a girl NOT of the black community…  BTW, it is not OK for black girls either in case you wondering on my stance – not even if covered with a scarf.  And there is a random girl at our local IHOP that wears a du rag to work?  WTF, people!

Amy came up with a PERFECT scheme on how we can photograph this strange and unacceptable siting with her cell phone.  She’d turn on the camera, pretend to be talking on the phone as we walked out and then pretend to click over as she took  a photo.


Me, above, laughing as she explains her plan.

Amy, above, looking “hard core” about her plan.  (Outkast’s “Return of the Gangsta” plays in the imaginary score.)

As you can imagine, we ran into a few kinks in the plan…  I walked in front of Amy – getting in the way of the photo-op.  And then when she told me to move, the entire table was staring at us – killing our plan quickly. 

Damn!  The logistics just needed a little extra details, but I think the story and the message are just as clear.  DON”T GO IN PUBLIC WITH DU RAGS OR ROLLERS IN YOUR HAIR, PEOPLE (Black, White, Latino, etc.)  This is NOT OK.  Please refrain from doing so…

I found several pairs of shades at Charming Charlie’s, as I was attempting to replace the pair I’d given to my Ganny when we dined together in Tuscon last month.  I didn’t find EXACT replacements, but I got some that were VERY close.  And Amy got a lanyard and some rhinestone skull stud earrings… 

Then we went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on wine and food for me to do the Belly Fat Cure Diet starting tomorrow.  We even had some interesting interactions there – Amy ran into some guy with a cart and joked that he was beging for her to do it (he paid her back while we were in line) and an old couple jokingly asked me, “You aren’t afraid of wearing color are you?”  (I was wearing red, blue, black, yellow, gold, zebra print and hot pink.)  Ah, Amy and I are popular in the suburbs…


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You told the story well. I look forward to our next suburbian caper.

Comment by Amy

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