OMG! How could this happen?
02/12/2010, 9:30 PM
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On Black Friday 2004, I went shopping with my mom, 2 sisters, aunt and Ganny.  it was a very fun time.  We still laugh about that morning all that time.  One of things that my mom bought me was a Wine Opener Stand, a much more old school version of this one:

It wasn’t out on the shelves with everything else, and I had every store employee searching for it.  I could not leave the store without it.  The problem is that this was our first 5 AM stop and there were many more stores to go.  My family was NOT OK with waiting forever for my wine opener.  So they got in line and said that if I didn’t find it by the time they reached the front, I’d have to leave without it.

Luckily, the store employees found it just in time.  And my wine opener has served me well over the last 5+ years.  (And I drink a lot of wine – at least 2 bottles of wine each week on a slow week!)  And today, as I made fun of my husband’s inability to place bacon in any tupperware other than his “bacon” tupperware, my wine opener broke!  Yes, it really, really is broken.  Full non-functioning. 😦

If it weren’t snowing like crazy right now, I’d be on my way to T.J. Maxx to look for another one.  So thank goodness the wine opener broke AFTER I popped my fresh bottle.  And that I collect corkscrews too!


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