What I’m Rocking – Purple Spring Fever
03/31/2010, 12:45 PM
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Vest – H&M (apparently I should open it when I’m sitting, the look above is not so flattering but thought I’d keep it b/c the photog told me to look “fierce” and I thought I did a good job of pulling it off LOL)

Burgundy Cowlneck Top – DKNY

Black Pencil Skirt – TJ Maxx

Platform Peep Toe Shoes – DSW

Nail polish – Ulta

I was finally able to talk someone (shout out to Megan) into taking a photo of me at work out back near the woods.  This is truly one of the first days of spring, so I had to capture this moment.


Girl Crush Wednesday: Gabby Sidibe
03/31/2010, 12:33 PM
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OK, so I am SO in love with Gabby Sidibe.  The real girl – not her character, Precious, which admittedly is a movie I’ve never seen and don’t really want to see because it looks SO DAMN DEPRESSING.  But I am amazed by how different Gabby is in real life than the sad, downtrodden character for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

This girl has a sassy attitude, great fashion sense and the brightest smile I’ve ever seen!  And I find it refreshing that both Hollywood and the fashion industry have taken to Gabby like wildfire.  She shows us and reminds us all that beauty is many, many things.  And she is certainly one slice of gorgeous in this very diverse world:

Glowing in a beaded coral number

Elegant in an eggplant number

Looking radiant in hot pink satin

Loving this chic jacket and riche staircase

Sassy AND sexy in this black and white photo

Hey Gabby, I hear Gwen Stefani singing “Get it, girl.  Get it, get it, girl…”

And thank you Gabby, for reminding us that all kinds of women are beautiful – both in Hollywood AND walking around our neighborhhods.


Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Jason Wu cocktail dress
03/26/2010, 12:36 PM
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I am attending my first Indian engagement party tomorrow.  I am not 100% certain regarding how I should dress, but I’m quite certain that my 34Gs should be kept under wraps.  But, OMG I would die to show up at the party wearing this hot little number from Jason Wu:

The Jason Wu Reverse-Sequin dress is available at Neiman Marcus for a mere $3890.00.  Now that’s a bonus-busting purchase!  Of course I wouldn’t dream of waltzing into an engagement party and showing the bride up, so I promise to wear a very demure little something that covers up my rather prominent assets.  Is it wrong I am DYING for the food at the party?  This could be one of my favorite events ever…

How much for this?
03/25/2010, 3:16 PM
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I tried on this really amazing bracelet at Sugar Britches boutique in Peachtree City yesterday:

I really love it but am torn about how much I should spend for the handmade, one of kind bracelet constructed on metal, leather, and crystals. 

How much would you be willing to spend on this item?

Dying for this for Fall!!!
03/24/2010, 6:21 PM
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OMG how I would DIE for this Costume National Silk Crepe Dress!  It is SO my style and on sale for $499 at Gilt Groupe.  I can just see it with some black platform pumps!!!

My Shopping Finds: Amy’s Birthday/My Bonus Edition
03/24/2010, 1:27 PM
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So… after the world’s craziest day of drama with the Audi dealership, I was finally able to meet Amy at DSW at Buckhead Station the Friday before her birthday.  She was wearing these AMAZING turquoise platform sandals when I arrived, which helped me to shake off the drama I’d just experienced.

I managed to find several great pairs of shoes, all on clearance (and I had two $10 off certificates):

These beautiful open toe suede Penny Loves Kenny platforms were only $40 after all discounts

These electric blue round toe SE Boutique pumps were also around $40 after all discounts

These cute pointy toe black suede studded flats have been the source of lust for quite some time – and they were only $15 after all discounts!!!

Of course, we headed to TJ Maxx next.  (For those in Atlanta, this is my absolute favorite TJ Maxx location.)  I scored some great pieces:

Red halter swimsuit for only $19.99 – too lazy to photograph but you’ll see some pool pics this summer… I spend as much time as possible there.

Black pencil Skirt for $14.99; navy & red banded Elie Tahari pencil skirts for $24.99; white skirt with button detail (great for my yacht look) for $19.99

On some unrelated shopping trips, I also bought other great pieces at Forever 21:

Rose headband – seen here in dusty rose, but also bought the black one seen on my vanity at $10.80 each. (I did remove both from the “squeeze your skull” metal headbands that they came on.)

Black and ivory flower pins – loving the Chanel-esque look at the bargain price of $6.80 each (shout out to Brenda, Josh and Free Love of the Cumberland Mall XXI store for bending the rules on waiting for a reset, which enabled me to score the ivory pin)

Check out the black flower pin combined with the black birdcage veil that WAS part of the flower headbands (seen above in dusty rose).  I just thought who needs a giant flower on the side of their head AND a birdcage veil to cover their face???  I (shockingly) lack the swag of Gaga…  I also apologize for the completely makeup-less and unjeweled state of Michelle here, but I really wanted to get this posted and didn’t have the energy to get dolled up this AM.

Black tulle headband – it’s SO high fashion, especially for only $5.80.  Another apology no makeup combined with the hyperpigmentation I’ve suffered at my own hands.  I’ve really been doing it up with 10% glycolic acid cream each evening and scrubbing each day.  I hope the spots go away soon. 😦

And in a lunchtime web-frenzy I found:

Calvin Klein white and pink cocktail dress – scored this at a Rue La La online sample sale for $59.99.  I was JUST lusting for this on the Calvin Klein site last week as I looked for a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding -even at the retail price of $128.  Just so you know, I already have this dress in three different colors of satin, and I plan to get it in even more colors!  I considered wearing a white version to my wedding, but there was not one made for the Spring 2008 collection.  If you are not yet a member of the invitation-only Rue La La please join using my access link.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Kimora Lee Simmons
03/24/2010, 12:18 PM
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I have been in love with this woman for FOREVER.  She is a tall, beautiful, independent, former Chanel model.  She is mother to two adorable, precocious daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, with her ex Russell Simmons;she also has a super cute boy (with the fattest lips you’ve ever seen) named Kenzo Lee with her fine ass movie star husband Djimon Hounsou. 

She’s dealt with growing up half-black, half-Asian all while being 6 feet tall since she was 12… in St. Louis – a place not known for its tolerance of all things different.  I mean, they called this drop dead gorgeous woman a “Chinky Giraffe.”  She married a hip hop star, became a fashion mogul and taught the whole world about fabulosity

You gotta love when YOU have the last laugh:


Her Paris days of a Chanel fashion model

Sitting pretty in her show-stopping dressing room.  This is what I aspire for my dressing room to reach… I mean she even pops bottles in here…

Looking beautiful as always

Strutting down the runway with Ming Lee and Aoki Lee

Photo of the entire family with Kenzo when he was a newborn – courtesy of Ebony magazine

With her beautiful beau on the red carpet

Seen here ecstatic with Djimon, sporting loads of diamonds and a smile

Seen beautiful as ever in the pages of King magazine

Loving this quote from her husband, “That’s you imposing your fabulosity on everybody.”  (Sounds like something Jamison might say about me…)  You go Kimora!  I think you are a perfect representation of fabulosity in the universe.