Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Bobo Loubies
04/30/2010, 12:26 PM
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I am so in love with these Christian Louboutin Bobo ankle boots.  

The raised stud detail and perfect caramel color are so sick!  They have a 5.5 inch heel and 1/2 inch platform, so you KNOW they are gonna hurt like hell (like nearly every pair Louboutin makes.)  Available at saks, they are so fly – I can just see them with frilly floral dresses this spring and summer.

At $1395 you are going to need to save up for fall LOL.


Girl Crush Wednesday: Lindsey Lohan (pre-drugs)
04/28/2010, 12:36 PM
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OK, so Jamison and I fight about La Lohan all the time.  He thinks she’s a no talent has-been famous for being famous, meanwhile I have been in ultimate love with her since “The Parent Trap,” which I STILL watch every time it comes on.  As she grew into a beautiful redheaded voluptuous woman with keen acting skills, I was even more into her:

Red hait and radiant smile with the paps

Looking so lovely and sweet and dare I say – innocent

From “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”

She was already getting skinny here and I didn’t dig the brunette thing

The big cheeks are totally wow I remember her

Did you see “Georgia Rules”?  That was one AMAZING acting job.  She was on the come up back then (even though that set is really where the trouble started for her.)  Then she got skinny (gaunt face = sunken-in cheeks), went blonde, got into drugs and alcohol (and subsequent rehab), had a tumultuous relationship (with Sam AND her sketchy father)  that played out in the tabloids and on twitter. 

She seems SO lost.  Now I just want the old Linds back.  I am pleading – you are a great actress and a beautiful girl.  Please return to us!!!  We can only wait so long…

Happy Birthday to Me
04/26/2010, 6:14 PM
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So, my $25 Gilt credit from Megan’s first purchase has been burning a hole in my virtual pocket.  So when I saw this awesome bracelet on the Noir sale on Gilt, I had to have it:

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is my new favorite bracelet (in the summertime bangles make my wrists sweat, so this is a great alternative.)  And I love that it is reminiscent of the Panthere de Cartier ring… sort of.  (Why does Rachel Zoe rock the panther every day like a wedding ring?  So hot)

The Return…
04/26/2010, 3:57 PM
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I spent yesterday afternoon with my girl Kai.  We had so much fun in college, and it was great reminiscing about old times and adapting to being grownup friends too.  First off, she looked AMAZING!  I already knew she’d lost at least 40 pounds but by the time I saw her she was 52 pounds lighter.  This always makes shopping a little more fun (or so I recall, I am packing 35 more pounds than when I moved to ATL 5 and a half years ago.  So clearly I get to get it together.)

I picked her up from the hotel and we headed to Nordstrom Rack after grabbing some cold & delicious smartwater from the fab Kroger in Buckhead.  (Why doesn’t MY local Kroger look like that?) 

Now, I know based on my assessment of my Nordstrom Rack trip on Thursday you are probably shocked that I actually returned.  I felt that merely accepting an opening day review was probbly not smart (am thinking back to IKEA opening day 5 years ago.)  Well, Kai and I had VERY good luck this time around.

She scored 2 pairs of shoes and 2 dresses (that she somehow managed to fit in her 1 carry-on and 1 personal item for the plane):

  • Leopard print pony hair Donald J. Pliner high-heeled cage heels
  • Black stacked heel Steve Madden peep toe pumps (deceptively comfy at 5 inches tall)
  • Black & white ikat-printed smocked top sundress
  • Black & white polka dot sleeveless dress

I also found a few things for around $73:

  • Very hightop Vans in classic checker print – I couldn’t resist even though they remind me of something a 15 yr old would covet

  • Black suede Chinese Laundry sandal boots – I already have some flat thong boots but these high-heeled sandal boots were just too cool

  • Bliss hand cream (I LIVE for this stuff – damn you Jo for turning me on to it…)
  • Two satin eye masks

Now I have to try to find just the right bag for my birthday present to myself.  At this point, I am leaning toward a Michael Kors bag…  I am off to the North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall this weekend (I think…)

AFTER: My Shoe Purge
04/26/2010, 3:13 PM
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So, after a day of shopping with Jamison for new work clothes, Amy and I begun the work of finalizing my shoe purge.  The process was not nearly as horrible as I thought it was. 

Several pairs are slated for donation:


Some are set to be sold (the ones in and on the boxes):


Another group were set aside for Amy and my sister-in-law Taylor:


Taylor’s stash pictured above

I did decide to keep approximately 12 pairs of the shoes set aside.  Those have been integrated with my sneakers or sandals (not pictured below) OR placed prominently in my dressing room to remind me to wear them:


Take a peek inside my newly edited dressing room shelves, which are now color coordinated and most boots removed from their boxes.  (I found the large boot boxes seemed to get “lost” at the bottom of stacks.)  See how much extra space I have on my shelves now?


If you haven’t taken stock of what’s in your closet recently, I urge you to do so!

Atlanta’s New Nordstrom Rack – Not All That
04/23/2010, 2:09 PM
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So, yesterday I headed over to Nordstrom Rack around 4:30 to check the place out.  Well, let me say that all the press the grand opening has been getting made Buckhead rush hour traffic – always terrible – even worse than usual.  Finding parking in Buckhead station was next to impossible, but I managed to get a decent spot.

As I climbed the stairs to the second floor location, I was so charged with excitement… which quickly dwindled as I saw the mob of folks coming and going.  I started off in designer shoes.  The prices seemed VERY expensive – more than Nordstrom shoe sale prices if you ask me.  The selection was lacking (probably picked over.)  Since when is Via Spiga “designer”?  And then the unavoidable happened… Broads starting getting into it.  “…You are such a b%tch.  You fuc%king b%tch – you are lucky…”  And that’s all I’m gonna say about that –

Then I checked out the handbag and jewelry sections.  They had a Betsey Johnson heart bag I’ve been lusting for a while.  They had the camel AND the black, but I wasn’t really sold on the $179 price tag (even though it costs $352 on

I found not one pair of swoon-worthy shades.  The clothes seemed so mundane…  And another lady just said aloud what I’d been thinking, “This is a rip off…” regarding a shirt she’d scored at Burlington for $10 less than the Rack price.  So, while I’m glad to have a new stop at Buckhead Station, don’t rush out to check the place out.  it wasn’t all that. 

I DO plan on returning soon though to purchase some new $3 eye masks (all of mine have seen their day) and $2 shower poufs (apparently these should be replaced every 30 days.  I know mine is WAY older than that.)  Those items weren’t worth standing in line for though…

Sexy Interiors
04/23/2010, 1:48 PM
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So, you guys know how much I LOVE Apartment Therapy.  The Small & Cool entries have given me some great inspiration.  Check out these awesome dark and moody places that have been featured as of late:

Michael’s Studio City, CA bachelor pad:

Grey, black and shiny stuff – sign me up!  (Dying for the wine rack featured in the dining area – not pictured.)

Samantha and Jacob’s Berkeley spot:

Love the graphic wallpaper AND rug!  Those shade-less lamps?  B-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t!!!!!!!!!!  I am probably gonna have to BITE your style, guys.

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Andrew Highsmith home is very vintage industrial:

The light fixtures are super cool and industrial in this space.  And I totally dig the rough-looking floors and cowhide coverlet.  But my far, the coolest thing in this spot is the use of the locker-style sideboard, which I’ve been fascinated with (thanks, IKEA) since like 1999. 

I have never been sure how I could possibly pull them off without going too DORMY.  Well, now I feel inspired.  Of course, my big question.  Where can I put one (or more)?