My Latest Closet Purge
04/09/2010, 4:24 PM
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So, I am a girl that truly LOVES to shop.  Loves shopping almost like I love my husband… I’ll admit it.  (Sorry, Babelicious – you know it’s true.)  And one of the things that any savvy shopper ought to know is the importance of purging unnecessary items, which I do twice a year — religiously.

This can be tricky to accomplish solo, so I ALWAYS enlist a friend whose opinion I trust and who “gets” my style.  (You don’t want some random chica who thinks a girl only needs a neutral wardrobe helping you purge your very colorful closets… It will lead to conflict and inappropriate decision-making.)

A few Saturdays ago, I asked my girl Joveline to help me purge some items from my personal “coat and jacket” closet in my dressing room – not to be confused with the coat closet downstairs.  Now I am a girl who HEARTS blazers, jackets, and coats.  And I moved to ATL from Pittsburgh.  (Do you hear my teeth chattering?)  So, yes I have a LOT of outerwear.  And it just seemed like it was time to get rid of some of it b/c coats take up a LOT of room!

After about 30 minutes of deciding, Joveline and I collaboratively decided to purge all of the following items:

Camel leather blazer – from my first trip to H&M back in 2002, gifted to Amy and then to Bob

Black Old Navy trench coat – an unwise purchase of this classic item in a size too small (yes, I bought a small jacket with giant boobs), also gifted to Amy

Houndstooth wool cape – a Goodwill score from my serious cape days, which has never seen the light of day.  Turns out, wool is ITCHY!

Brownish wool coat with real fur trim – scored this at a vintage store somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania for under $7 many years ago

Red cotton cape with brass buttons – a Salvation Army score

White puffy jacket with fur-trimmed hood – got this on Black Friday with my lil sisters and mom, also WAY too small now 😦 [But it did fit as some point!]

Periwinkle London Fog trench coat – unflattering color on my cool skin, makes me look sallow

Butterfly-shaped black & gold sequin top – badly shaped, surely purchased at a random thrift store somewhere

Next up… time to purge some items from my nearly 200 pairs shoe collection.  I actually took some time out to “pre-purge” last night after talking to Amy about the potential of doing this.  I divided the almost 40 pair pile into a few categories:  “oh hell no, probably heading out the door, maybe worth keeping, I love these but never wear then and need someone to help me validate keeping them” (see below in same order from left to right):

Amy will come over next weekend and help me make the final cuts.  “I always come up,” she said as she agreed to assist.  (No, the Uggs are not in the pre-purge pile in case you are wondering.  Sorry but I love those ugly things!) 

I have also come up with a new set of rules for my purchases – if I don’t wear it within 2 weeks, it goes back to the store.  Why?  Because a LOT of these shoes were never worn.  Another guiding principle – stop buying uncomfortable shoes, all the cute in the world doesn’t make up for an evil girl with sore feet.  And my tolerance for pain is very low, so I must not spend $$$ on painful shoes I’ll never wear.

Stay tuned for the results of the purge and what I decide to do with the items – Craigslist perhaps?


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