When Brainless TV Touches a Nerve…
04/09/2010, 6:56 PM
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I have already professed that I am over “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”  I admit, I really like the franchise and have watched them all at some point in time.  This season of “…New York City” has been over-the-top exhausting for me b/c of Jill and Bethenny’s fight.  I so want them to resolve it… and every week that goes by, it just seems to get worse.  Check them out in happier times:

Why am I SO upset by this squabble?  I mean, it’s reality TV – aren’t fights REQUIRED?  But I realized that I wasn’t really so sad about Jill and Bethenny… I am sad thinking about the last really serious friend divorce I went through back in 2005.  The person I considered my very best friend literally disappeared without a trace one October afternoon.

She and I had been friends for many years.  I met her in honors classes, we shared some mutual friends… Out of all of that, a real friendship bloomed.  She was with me through the bad stuff – bad breakups with boyfriends, countless hangovers (almost daily for a good year,) new jobs, car wrecks, and all the really fun stuff too – jaunts around the world, shopping, happy hour. nightclubs… And then one day it was all over.

Things had started to get strained before the last day.  We had some fights about dumb stuff over the summer, she hated my boyfriend (he was a bastard, so she was right to hate him), she and her roommate had big drama I got caught in the middle of, she talked sh%t about me to her co-workers AFTER she butt-dialed me, but it was always OK at the end of the day.

That summer, we both decided to enter the world of home ownership.  She selected a townhouse on the East side; I bought a craftsman style house in the Southern suburbs.  But she never once wanted to come over – ever!  I only saw her house when she asked me to come assist her in kicking her home out of her home.  That was quite a day.  She finally came to my house b/c my mom asked her to come and visit her.

After the tour she said, “Wow.  it’s so big… it’s so nice…it’s craftsman style” with a real stank look on her face.  I made her a snack for the road (Triscuit thin crisps and sharp cheddar cheese cubes) and I literally have never seen her again.  It’s pretty crazy that I never ran into her at a bar or restaurant or even shopping – she is the one who taught me this town.  I decided it was God protecting me from the pain.

I mean, I will give her credit.  She tried – kind of…  She sent me the link to a great accessory site, from which I promptly ordered 4 pairs of sunglasses.  I didn’t return the email.  She called me on New Years, saying “Happy New year, sweetie.”  WTF – she has NEVER called me sweetie.  It enraged me.  I never called back.

She emailed me in the summer of 2006 – right after I returned from a Hawaii vacation.  She told me all about her boyfriend and her birthday vacation to some Central American nation (was it Costa Rica?  Belize?  can’t remember…)  And then it dawned on me… had she disappeared b/c she wanted to try to “compete” with me?  Oh, that thought really PISSED ME OFF!!! 

I asked her point-blank where she went and why.  She refused to come clean, saying it was private.  I decided there was no need to be pretend friends that can’t share private moments.  That’s not the kind of friend I am, I am not a boundaries kind of girl – especially not with her.  So I told her I couldn’t do it and wrote the whole thing off.  I’m sure it was all for the better.  But I just can’t help but wonder if that is why the Jill-Bethenny deal makes me so sad…  I’m guessing it’s too late for them as it was for me and her.


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