Blow Your Paycheck: YSL Agate Drop Earrings
04/16/2010, 12:13 PM
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So, I have been a rock collector since I was a little girl.  On my first trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, we stopped in a  little Ozark town.  I’m sure there was some “grown up” reason for the stop (maybe gas?), but for me it was all about two things:  rocks and rock candy. 

I’ve been known to eat candy instead of food (yes it’s true – this was me for MOST of my life.  Ironic since I live for meat and potatoes now.)  And I still love minerals with every ounce of my being.  Back then it was all about amethyst and quartz crystals and… agate.  (Thanks for tossing my hard sought rock collection in the trash, Dad. No bueno!)  I still love agate – my “spoon holder” on my stove is an agate slab.  I bought a few cute yet low cost agate pendants at some random mineral shop in Vegas back in 2005, but they caused sharp stabbing pains in my collarbones (bad energy if you ask me) so I’ve never worn them again.

Now, I can have my agate and wear it too – thanks to the Yves Saint Laurent agate drop earrings:

I love the simple beauty of these and at $295, they are not even out of the question.  Check them out at Saks.


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