Atlanta’s New Nordstrom Rack – Not All That
04/23/2010, 2:09 PM
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So, yesterday I headed over to Nordstrom Rack around 4:30 to check the place out.  Well, let me say that all the press the grand opening has been getting made Buckhead rush hour traffic – always terrible – even worse than usual.  Finding parking in Buckhead station was next to impossible, but I managed to get a decent spot.

As I climbed the stairs to the second floor location, I was so charged with excitement… which quickly dwindled as I saw the mob of folks coming and going.  I started off in designer shoes.  The prices seemed VERY expensive – more than Nordstrom shoe sale prices if you ask me.  The selection was lacking (probably picked over.)  Since when is Via Spiga “designer”?  And then the unavoidable happened… Broads starting getting into it.  “…You are such a b%tch.  You fuc%king b%tch – you are lucky…”  And that’s all I’m gonna say about that –

Then I checked out the handbag and jewelry sections.  They had a Betsey Johnson heart bag I’ve been lusting for a while.  They had the camel AND the black, but I wasn’t really sold on the $179 price tag (even though it costs $352 on

I found not one pair of swoon-worthy shades.  The clothes seemed so mundane…  And another lady just said aloud what I’d been thinking, “This is a rip off…” regarding a shirt she’d scored at Burlington for $10 less than the Rack price.  So, while I’m glad to have a new stop at Buckhead Station, don’t rush out to check the place out.  it wasn’t all that. 

I DO plan on returning soon though to purchase some new $3 eye masks (all of mine have seen their day) and $2 shower poufs (apparently these should be replaced every 30 days.  I know mine is WAY older than that.)  Those items weren’t worth standing in line for though…


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