Girl Crush Wednesday: Lindsey Lohan (pre-drugs)
04/28/2010, 12:36 PM
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OK, so Jamison and I fight about La Lohan all the time.  He thinks she’s a no talent has-been famous for being famous, meanwhile I have been in ultimate love with her since “The Parent Trap,” which I STILL watch every time it comes on.  As she grew into a beautiful redheaded voluptuous woman with keen acting skills, I was even more into her:

Red hait and radiant smile with the paps

Looking so lovely and sweet and dare I say – innocent

From “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”

She was already getting skinny here and I didn’t dig the brunette thing

The big cheeks are totally wow I remember her

Did you see “Georgia Rules”?  That was one AMAZING acting job.  She was on the come up back then (even though that set is really where the trouble started for her.)  Then she got skinny (gaunt face = sunken-in cheeks), went blonde, got into drugs and alcohol (and subsequent rehab), had a tumultuous relationship (with Sam AND her sketchy father)  that played out in the tabloids and on twitter. 

She seems SO lost.  Now I just want the old Linds back.  I am pleading – you are a great actress and a beautiful girl.  Please return to us!!!  We can only wait so long…


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1) You say you watch the Parent Trap every time it comes on TV… did you watch it last night? It came on ABCFamily! Unfortunately, I only watched part of it; I switched over to Dirty Dancing as soon as it came on… RIP Swayze…

2) I also have a girl crush on pre-drugs LindzLo. She was arguably one of the most attractive young actresses! She had so much going for her! Then after Mean Girls it went downhill… so sad… what is her status these days? I never really hear much on Lindsay Lohan these days.

3) In other news, I saw on E! the other night that Britney Spears is allegedly wearing a bra again. That is to say, apparently for a while now, she has been seen bra-less every time she leaves her house. But she has reverted back to traditional bra-wearing custom. Something to celebrate!

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