My Birthday Loot
05/05/2010, 9:33 PM
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So, on Monday I turned 31.  It was much more uneventful than 30 was – in almost every way.  But I spent a wonderful day with my husband and the evening with some good friends eating pizza and enjoying some cocktailery.  AND I scored some good stuff too (I love presents):

Black sequin bag with chain straps – this is such a great bag, it’s the right size, has all the right pockets AND it has some bling in the sequins and the chains.  The funny part is that Jory told me I was “hard to shop for.”  Jory – we shop together all the time.  You (and everyone in the world) know what I like:  hot pink, blingy, over-the-top, nautical stripes, vintage, sequins/beads/feathers… anything that looks like it’s a “little too much”

Clear umbrella with pink trim – been wanting one of these since seeing Charlotte’s on “Sex and the City” and luckily Amy got it for me (she knows I usually roll with ten dollars worth of $1 umbrellas until they are all gone)

(similar to one pcitured above)

Stone earrings – Amy got me these from Diva John and I love the color!  They look like moonstones…

Framed photo – the turquoise vintage-inspired frame is perfect for my dressing room (matches my bench), and Amy inserted a great photo of my new favorite shoes that I wore to her birthday dinner back in March

Compaq Presario Laptop – Jamison and Amy kicked in to get me this laptop, which as you recall, I need desperately.  I can’t wait for it to arrive!!!  It’s such a step up from my 5-year-old laptop (256 MB RAM, 20G hard drive) I just “killed” in March.  No external hard drive needed anymore…

I am still in search of the perfect bag as my gift to myself!!!  Stay tuned…


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