Girl Crush Wednesday: Lena Horne
05/12/2010, 12:30 PM
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Since I was about six years old, I’ve adored Lena Horne.  My Ganny is a jazz singer, so I grew up with “Good Morning Heartache” as a favorite song.  This means I am well acquainted with all the jazz greats, but Lena has always been one of my favorites.  (Does “Stormy Weather” ring a bell?) 

Like many other black talents of the early twentieth century, she sang and acted and was… blacklisted b/c of her “leftist” political views.  Did I mention she was a Civil Rights activist too?

So, while she left this world on Sunday night, I really want to pay tribute to one of the trailblazing black performers.  I will always miss you, Lena.  They don’t make ’em like her anymore (sorry, Ms. Keys, I know you are playing her in a biopic soon):

As Liza Minnelli said Monday, “She was funny, sophisticated and truly one of a kind. We lost an original. Thank you Lena.”  I couldn’t put it any better.  She paved the path not only for black starlets and singers everywhere but for all fly girls across America.  And she reminds us that you can be beautiful and talented and STAND for something meaningful too.  Truly an inspiration…


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