Changed My Life – Garnier Nutritioniste Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit
05/13/2010, 6:44 PM
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OK, so I am a bit of a collector of… well, almost… anything.  And I LOVE to buy things.  Sometimes I buy things just because… well, I want to buy something.  I can often cure this desire in the TJ Maxx clearance beauty section – so I accumulate tons of things.  I had to force myself to stop buying shower gel in 2007 b/c I was buying so much at the Unilever company store (no joke – we still have Axe shower gel, Suave deodorant, Vaseline lotion & coca butter gel, etc. from 2007 and 2008!)

All of this to say that I bought this random facial exfoliant at some point in the last few years.  It is called Garnier Nutritioniste Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit, and although I acquired it for $5, I was skeptical.  So it sat and sat and sat… for years. 

And one day a couple of weeks ago, I ran out of my trusty Avon clearskin scrub – damn you Avon for discontinuing this, which I used since 2004. 

So I reached for the Garnier kit.  And it rocks!  (I can say this firmly after more than 2 weeks use.)  The kit includes a scrub AND a sunscreen moisturizer, and ironically – they are both awesome.  The scrub has fine crystals (but they’re not too fine) that work really well.  The sunscreen feels good going on but doesn’t leave the whitish ghost-like “mask” on my face.  And it’s drugstore price…  Score, score, score!!!  Of course, there is no telling how long I’ll be able to find the kit, so I will be stocking up soon (cuz you know I roll.)

But remember to be careful with new cosmetics.  Remind me to tell you the story about the highly regarded St. Ives microdermabrasion and the bumps and scars that plagued me for 2 months.  Or not.  Just avoid it.  No story needed.


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