My Rant
05/19/2010, 6:37 PM
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There are just a few things I have to complain about today:

Why is it that the BP Oil slick is not only ruining precious marine habitat along the LA coast, but it’s also trying to ruin my anniversary vacation?  Yes, my Miami beach vacation with Jamison could apparently be totally done in by BP’s never-ending oil spill.  We’ll either need to pick a new vacay spot (that won’t be where we got married) or we’ll have to stay at a hotel with an awesome pool instead of lots of small pools and a private beach (the beach is why we stayed at the Bentley for our honeymoon.)

Tar balls have already appeared in Key West.  They are expected in Miami sooner rather than later.  So, BP – you are added to my LIFETIME boycott list.  Along with Exxon (remember the Valdez spill?) and the InterContinental Hotel group… 

At the least, hundreds of miles of destruction of precious ecosystems and the ruining of my beach vacay with my husband.  At the most, the whole Western hemisphere’s shorelines will be negatively impacted.  Damn you, BP!

Image courtesy of the Associated Press.

Why did I grab a 6 inch turkey breast sub at Subway for lunch yesterday for a total of $4.77?  The footlong would have only been $5.35!!! 

Why am I being unfairly price gauged b/c I don’t want to eat a footlong’s worth of calories?  Do you hear me, Subway?  Get these prices more in line or I’ll add you to the boycott list too.  This is out of control…

And to top it all off, I heard on the news that eating processed red meats every day will dramatically increase my chance of heart disease (42%) and diabetes (19%.)  There goes my open-faced ham sandwich breakfast that I eat every morning.  I need a new breakfast now since I can only eat the processed stuff once a week.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  At least I can still enjoy a good steak, which did not show a similar risk.


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