My Shopping Victory: Houdini and Pampered Toes
06/04/2010, 9:54 PM
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So, yesterday at 4:53 PM I got the “Blue Screen of Death” on my work computer – after spending an hour updating documents real-time with my team. 

I did get my machine back up and running, but it was all TOO much to handle.  So while I was slated to get in 50 minutes of cardio after work, what did I do instead – go shopping and to dinner

Ross (Dress for Less) is one of my favorite stores – part of the TJX trifecta.  I am still searching for pretty glass and crystal decanters for my bar in the dining room, so I figured Ross could have some good options.  I’ve gotten great glassware there in the past.  Instead the first item I knew I must have was the Ped Egg Pampered Toes (like the Yoga Toes you see in the back of magazines but for only $3.99 instead of $39.99.)

And then what do I find but the Houdini corkscrew that I’ve been dying for since breaking my 5-year-old version earlier this year:

Mine is shiny black.  And it only cost $13.99 WITH the foil cutter!  And you can score it for $30 here.  No more using the waiter corkscrew for me!

I halfheartedly perused Marshall’s and TJ Maxx too but didn’t find anything worth scooping up at either.  I then met Jamison for dinner at Scalini’s Italian Restaurant.  Now, I had never been before but Jory raved about it so I figured it seemed only right to give it a whirl. 

Jamison ordered the Venetian – an array of chicken, shrimp and veal francese with fettucine alfredo.  I settled on Veal Diana – a breaded veal cutlet with eggplant, ricotta, marinara and mozzarella and a side of spaghetti.  (I was previously politically opposed to veal but then I ate it on my birthday in 2006 and it CHANGED MY LIFE!  Now I always get it at authentic Italian restaurants.)

While we enjoyed the (surprisingly delicious) glasses of house pinot grigio, our Romanian server, Victor, sat two pieces of heaven on the table:  a gorgeous tossed salad and what I’ll call yeast rolls scampi-style.  Seriously, I am not sure if you understand my addiction to yeast rolls (I usually feed the beast at O’Charley’s here in Atlanta) but it’s SERIOUS.  And these were smothered in butter and garlic.  And Victor kept them coming!  I know I ate at least six of them.  (Yes, from 50 minutes of cardio and tilapia for dinner to shopping, veal and rolls scampi.)

Then our entrees arrived.  Jamison’s was fine but mine was LIFE ALTERINGLY amazing.  Seriously.  I am so going back to Scalini’s and will NEVER order anything except Veal Diana.  So, from blue screen of death to a wonderful, unforgettable, dying to repeat meal… what a day!


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