Blow Your Paycheck Friday: YSL Divine Pump
07/30/2010, 11:27 AM
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OMG, how I’d DIE for this shoe to live in my wardrobe.  A black patent YSL pump (I seriously own more than a dozen black patent pumps) at a mere 4 inches tall with 3/4 inch platform, I might be able to walk in this shoe if I can tolerate the teeny tiny spindle of a stiletto heel. 

And at $695, I could see myself being able to afford it too:



Nars Taj Mahal Blush Currently Unavailable?
07/29/2010, 11:16 PM
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Now, the fact that I am writing this now is really pitiful.  I got nervous last winter when I saw that Sephora stopped carrying Taj Mahal, so what did I do?  Run out and buy 10 of them immediately for my archives?  No!!!!

I decided to wait until it got closer to being completely gone… which is almost now.  (I could probably still use it for another full year or TWO before depleting it.  And I bought it back in 2005.  Super highly pigmented.)  So I casually checked – which I’ve been doing each month since December.  And what did I see, “Taj Mahal – Currently Unavailable.”  My heart sank!

So what did I do next?  Check every other place that sells Nars blush – NeimanMarcus, Sephora (stupid, I already know they don’t carry it), Nordstrom… all to no avail. 

And then I discovered, which I’ve never used before (although sister site to trusty, had it in stock. 

I bought two so quick I thought I’d die.  And they ship for free when you spend more than $49 (thank goodness, cuz so does Nars.)  Trying to hold out for the Nars friends & family sale almost did me in…

Disappearing Act in the Gulf?
07/29/2010, 10:32 PM
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So, you may have followed just how riled up I’ve been about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf.  I am sure you are just as concerned.  I was selfishly worried about what it meant for my beach weekend in Tybee Island, my anniversary trip to Miami and even the godforsaken Jersey Shore beach communities which I have been known to love (not for the water/beach, I’m a sucker for boardwalk food.  Italian sausage and funnel cake in the same meal?  Yum-o!)

I spent hours each week checking the NOAA site to see where the oil would go, trying to determine if Jamison and I would need to make new plans for our anniversary trip.  I signed every online petition I could find.  I got my very own Boycott BP bumper sticker (not that I would ever put it on the Audi.) 

However, I will admit that since the well was capped and the dark cloud of oil stopped flowing, I’ve gotten a little complacent.  I even went into a BP convenience store to buy beer just one day after the cap was sealed.  (I’ve read that BP doesn’t get any of that money, so I decided to stop avoiding the “small people” who run the convenience stores that provide us with convenient beer, candy and soda.) 

After reading, “Gulf Oil Spill:  100 Days, 10 Lessons,” I am just as concerned as ever about the state of affairs post-Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  I luckily get to enjoy the warm waters and white sand beaches in Miami before gorging myself on high-dollar food and $14 bourgeoisie cocktails in my Kardashian-shared hotel on South Beach, but the Gulf Coast has a long way to go.

From the oil which has all but disappeared (dude, we all know it’s somewhere, let’s locate the giant underwater plumes) to Tony Hayward getting $17M and a new BP gig in Russia to my increasing concern in Barack Obama’s ability to be the next Democratic nominee, let’s keep our eyes on the prize here.  The marshes are still polluted, the oceans are way more polluted, and I’m too scared to even buy fresh Gulf shrimp from my local seafood counter for fear the contaminants will give me cancer.  Not to mention the Michigan Kalamazoo River oil spill and China oil spill that have happened in recent days…  Maybe this is divine intervention to convince us all that we need a Chevy Volt.  Either way, I plan on holding President Obama and his administration accountable to really increasing availability of clean energy.  Come on, it’s a campaign promise.

Returning to fashion with tomorrow’s Blow Your Paycheck Friday post.  I promise.  But I did want to be a lobbyist when I grew up, so I am VERY passionate about things of a political nature.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Zsa Zsa Gabor
07/28/2010, 11:56 AM
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I have loved Zsa Zsa Gabor for so many years.  I remember her from when I was little…  She is totally divalicious and a babe!  The woman who so casually stated, “I call everyone ‘Darling’ because I can’t remember their names” is fabuloso in my book:

Just because a girl’s been married nine times doesn’t mean she is not great – it means she married the wrong man eight times.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her as she recovers from her recent injury.

Sweltering in D.C. July Weekend
07/27/2010, 11:14 AM
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This past weekend in D.C. for Ben & Jory’s wedding was so awesome – except that it was really, really hot!  We stayed at the ultra posh Donovan House hotel (part of Thompson hotel group) at 14th and Thomas Circle.  The afternoon was spent lounging by the pool – in 100 degree plus weather.  The rooms had cool decor (yes, Jamison is DYING for an egg chair now) but the service was cool at best…

The wedding on Friday was so awesome.  We started the morning with photos, mimosas, and the most beautiful vows I’ve ever heard while shaded by awesome parasols and cooled by paper fans.  (Jory’s mom, Lisa, was the genius behind those gadgets.)  We had a great lunch at AGAINN gastropub at 11th and New York Avenue.  Shout out to the pastry chef for making the tastiest version of yellow cake with chocolate frosting I’ve ever had!

We spent Saturday morning at a farewell breakfast with Ben, Jory, Frank and Jory’s family.  I resigned my desire for cosi and agreed to go to au bon pain so Jory could have his favorite salmon wasabi bagel before leaving for Hong Kong.  Then I headed to the newly opened Forever 21 on 11th and the H&M close by where I scored a black bow belt inspired by a similar one from Jennine of  The Coveted.  I am sure I’ll be wearing it with everything.  Kinda wishing I’d gotten the red one too… I hate when I make a mistake when shopping.  I’ll have to check out the H&M near work soon.  Of course, I already checked out the one at the Annapolis mall after an unsuccessful Nordstrom Anniversary sale shopping trip.

We had oyster shooters and the world-famous crab dip at O’Brien’s – my first time since I initially had it with Rox back in 2002.  And the crab dip was the most delicious thing in the world!

This $300K radiant cut yellow diamond (seen below on my friend Marguerite’s hand) Gregg Ruth ring I’ve been dying for since seeing it last January… I found a beautiful yet almost affordable downsized version for only $32K at Zachary’s Jewelers at 100 Main Street in Annapolis.  The radiant cut is the sickest thing you’ve ever seen – it sparkles wildly even in the DARK!  I’ve got to set up a Gregg Ruth savings fund immediately.  And all of you in the DC metro area should go check the place out.

After spying the heartbreaking $300K yellow diamond, we headed to the car.  Jamison and Marguerite were distracted by a wonderful little ice cream shop and then we headed down to the pier.

Wishing I had a yacht and that Gregg Ruth diamond as we speak…

What I’m Rocking: A Giant Bow and Boots Kind of Wedding
07/26/2010, 10:37 PM
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Check out my long-planned outfit I wore to Ben & Jory’s emotional wedding on Friday morning in D.C. at the Jefferson memorial:

Ecru & Black Banded Dress:  Max & Cleo – I bought this on ideeli (click here to join) back in May for like $60, and it was so comfy in the 110 degree weather and is super cute.  (On a slightly related note, ruelala – another sample sale site – will give you a $10 credit if you join before August 8 using this link.)

Ivory Scrunched Boots with Buckle:  Steve Madden – Joie had the brown ones on when she came to visit for Christmas 2008.  I tried them on and they were so comfy.  And yes, I needed them.  I think they were less than $100, and I LOVE the color!  Thanks to Rox for confirming they’d be cool for the wedding ensemble.

Black Bow Headband:  Forever 21 – I love that it’s so Marc Jacobs inspired.  It is a great statement piece that I’ve been DYING to wear since ordering it back in May… but of course, I had to wait until the wedding to debut it.  I’ll be wearing it all the time now!  (Jory told me one of the many taxi drivers we hailed to take us to the reception said, “I saw some girl with a giant bow on her head…”)

Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings:  Fairburn Antiques Market (which sadly burned down) – I bought these back in 2005 for like $14, right after I bought my house.  I wore them for my own 2008 wedding.

Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet:  Macy’s – I bought this in summer 2008 for my wedding.  I wear it whenever I have an excuse to get blinged out.

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Oscar de la Renta Cloque Dress
07/23/2010, 11:26 AM
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I have been dying for an Oscar de la Renta dress for quite some time, and this one seems like just the one to help me step my game up.   (I wish I was wearing it to Jory’s wedding this morning.) I love the bronze color and the silhouette, but I am not sure I can afford the $2190 price tag:

And yes, it is available on