Disappearing Act in the Gulf?
07/29/2010, 10:32 PM
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So, you may have followed just how riled up I’ve been about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf.  I am sure you are just as concerned.  I was selfishly worried about what it meant for my beach weekend in Tybee Island, my anniversary trip to Miami and even the godforsaken Jersey Shore beach communities which I have been known to love (not for the water/beach, I’m a sucker for boardwalk food.  Italian sausage and funnel cake in the same meal?  Yum-o!)

I spent hours each week checking the NOAA site to see where the oil would go, trying to determine if Jamison and I would need to make new plans for our anniversary trip.  I signed every online petition I could find.  I got my very own Boycott BP bumper sticker (not that I would ever put it on the Audi.) 

However, I will admit that since the well was capped and the dark cloud of oil stopped flowing, I’ve gotten a little complacent.  I even went into a BP convenience store to buy beer just one day after the cap was sealed.  (I’ve read that BP doesn’t get any of that money, so I decided to stop avoiding the “small people” who run the convenience stores that provide us with convenient beer, candy and soda.) 

After reading, “Gulf Oil Spill:  100 Days, 10 Lessons,” I am just as concerned as ever about the state of affairs post-Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  I luckily get to enjoy the warm waters and white sand beaches in Miami before gorging myself on high-dollar food and $14 bourgeoisie cocktails in my Kardashian-shared hotel on South Beach, but the Gulf Coast has a long way to go.

From the oil which has all but disappeared (dude, we all know it’s somewhere, let’s locate the giant underwater plumes) to Tony Hayward getting $17M and a new BP gig in Russia to my increasing concern in Barack Obama’s ability to be the next Democratic nominee, let’s keep our eyes on the prize here.  The marshes are still polluted, the oceans are way more polluted, and I’m too scared to even buy fresh Gulf shrimp from my local seafood counter for fear the contaminants will give me cancer.  Not to mention the Michigan Kalamazoo River oil spill and China oil spill that have happened in recent days…  Maybe this is divine intervention to convince us all that we need a Chevy Volt.  Either way, I plan on holding President Obama and his administration accountable to really increasing availability of clean energy.  Come on, it’s a campaign promise.

Returning to fashion with tomorrow’s Blow Your Paycheck Friday post.  I promise.  But I did want to be a lobbyist when I grew up, so I am VERY passionate about things of a political nature.


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On Monday night (July 26) an oil pipeline – owned by Enbridge Energy Inc. – burst and spilled over 1,000,000+ gallons of crude into the Kalamazoo River near Battle Creek, Michigan. Michiganders are scrambling to stop the flow from getting into Lake Michigan, but I fear their efforts are in vain.

According to the latest local news reports, it seems that Enbridge was slow to react to the emergency, while under reporting the actual amount of oil that was leaked into the river. Since Monday, the situation has grown even worse. Birds and other animal wildlife, coated with oil, have been found. People living along the river have been warned to evacuate the area along the river way and not to drink their well water for fear of contamination.

1,000,000+ gallons of oil may not sound like much to some, considering the amount of oil now floating just underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, but in such a confined area – like the Kalamazoo River – that amount is devastating. As the oil continues to flow west, it will soon reach Lake Michigan, affecting the drinking water of millions of people, killing all wildlife, and despoiling the true beauty of the great lake.

I’m really starting to believe that corporations don’t give a damn about anything other than their profits. As I stated in one of my previous blog posts (Who Put Corporations in Charge?), “…what good is money, after all, if you don’t have air to breathe, water to drink, or food to eat without fear of contamination?”

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