Reflections on (several) Miami Monsoons
08/15/2010, 3:26 PM
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So, I’ve been all amped up about returning to Miami with Jamison for our honeyversary.  We looked forward to dining at Prime One Twelve, the Blue Door and whatever else we could get our hands on after lazy days consumed by the beach.  Let’s just say that the trip didn’t go as I imagined.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day.  We arrived in time to lounge at the beach (a bit flustered to discover the $10.70 daily resort fee covering chairs and umbrellas was out and a $10 per chair fee was in) before leaving for the 11th Street Diner to meet my friend, J.V., before he headed off on a two week vacay to Europe.  Admittedly, we spent the afternoon lounging in our hotel room watching Erin Brockovitch and napping before dinner of 30 oz bone-in ribeye and loaded baked potato at Prime One Twelve.

On Sunday, the rain started after our morning mimosas on Ocean Dr. where a sketchy server tried to charge us $19 for $10 worth of mimosas.  In South Beach, ask before you consume anything.  There are LOADS of loopholes designed to gauge tourists.  Luckily, I have experience and know how to avoid said traps. 😉 

We spent an afternoon sitting near the pool and sipping cocktail after cocktail with our friend Joveline as the rain showered down.  We had dinner at Big Pink after a long afternoon (read between the lines = drunken) nap.

The journey to Sunrise, FL for a day of shopping at Sawgrass Mills did not disappoint – well it did.  Last year, we scored SO many awesome finds.  This shopping trip yielded a couple of slim-fit striped sweaters and three polo shirts for Jamison.  I acquired several fitted black t-shirts (to replace the current rotation of four that are more charcoal than black), 2 pairs of awesome shades, and 2 pairs of suede shoes from Nine West Outlet. 

We met our new friends, Jonathan and Tiffany, for late afternoon beach action and dinner at Grazie before enjoying some late-night hot tub action with pineapple juice and Corzo.

We started rainy Tuesday morning a bit late (because of my unfortunate reaction to the Corzo and gazillions of other drinks I’d enjoyed on Monday afternoon/evening) but breakfast at Big Pink was worth it.  Since the rain decided it just wouldn’t stop and my hangover wasn’t quite gone, we just lounged, napped and waited for the rain to stop – it didn’t.  Happy hour at Prime Italian was a lovely treat – who knew I’d like a Pear Sidecar?  And yes, we had another dinner at Prime One Twelve b/c who really wants to travel too far in the sideways rain?  Lucky for us, because we enjoyed the best five cheese truffle mac n’ cheese and only totally submerged our feet and ankles in water once crossing the street.  (Much to my suede platforms’ dismay.)

Wednesday morning actually allowed us another moment to head to the beach before jetting off to relax at the ariport bar. 

All in all, we had fun BUT I’m sure of a few things:

  • You are rolling the dice visiting Miami in hurricane season.  it could really rain for days at a time.
  • Don’t stay at the Hilton Bentley.  It’s barely a 3 star hotel at this point and the $10 per chair fee at the beach club means you can stay in a better location and a fancier hotel with more amenities for the same or less per night.
  • Do make friends with other travelers.  I love my husband, but meeting Tiffany and Jonathan gave us some other folks to hang out with when we were stranded in our hotel for days at a time due to never-ending rain.
  • Do enjoy a vacation with your spouse!  We had fun in a more relaxed environment than our every day time together.  Not worrying about taking the trash out makes time together for fun!
  • Big ups to the Myles Restaurant Group.  We ate nearly ALL of our meals at one of their spots, and they were ALL delish.

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