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08/19/2010, 5:20 PM
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After much anticipation, my girl Marguerite has finally found our beloved j. crew crushed jacquard pencil skirt on

We were at the j. crew in the Annapolis mall nearly a month ago when we simultaneously oohed and ahhed over it.  She decided to try it on; I resisted trying it on because I knew I’d buy it on the spot, and I’m not usually a “spend $118 on a skirt kinda girl.” 

Yes, it’s $118 – like every other j. crew skirt, but I want this one badly enough that I just might get it.  Can I at least get 30% off somehow?  What do you think?  Would you buy it?

BTW, I hate the way this skirt is styled on the website but I am a very much over-the-top glamour kinda gal.  They are making it more rugged and edgy than I’d ever wear it.  I’m seeing it paired with a fitted black t, a cropped leather jacket (maybe even a jeans jacket), pearls and black slingbacks.  But that’s just me… 

Here’s to hoping I’ll own it soon.  Marguerite is buying it as a wonderful birthday present to herself this Saturday!  I’m trying not to hate…


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As the girl who ooed and aahed over this skirt I must say that it is definitely LIFE CHANGING. I do agree that is not styled well on the website, but when you see the skirt in person, it’s enough to make you forego groceries if you are on a tight budget and eat ramen noodles and tuna for a month.

Comment by Marguerite

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