Trading H&M and F21 for … Chico’s?
08/26/2010, 6:54 PM
Filed under: Fashion Spy

The other day Jory and I ran in the mall to check out our two favorite local low-cost/high style stores – Forever 21 and H&M.  While the stripes are still ever-present and the leopard spots reigned supreme, H&M felt so… cheap.  Like, you-can-see-straight-through-that cheap.  Like, don’t-think-you-can-ever-wash-that-and-wear-it-again cheap.  In all this sadness, there was a super cute fringe bag that I almost got, but I felt so saddened by the state of affairs, I was unable to commit to it.

Forever 21 was a sad nothingness too pathetic to even mention.  I saw so many great things online but I feel like the stores never have any good stuff.  Jory couldn’t even find anything non-sheer for the fellas?  Strange…

On the other hand, I’ve been haunted by the commercials for Chico’s new jackets.

Check out this Starlight Pizzazz Bolero Jacket:

How about this Braided Cheetah Beita Jacket:

While I can’t seem to find all those jackets and coats (the cropped leopard is a KEY piece for me to acquire) I saw in the amazingly inspiring commercial, I sure can’t wait ’til it all hits the stores.  Maybe it’s just time for me to transition from the H&Ms in the world to something… higher quality.  Even if it’s Chico’s.


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let me know about the cheetah jacket. it looks like a life-changer.

Comment by Marguerite

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