The Tale of IKEA Light Bulbs and the Declining Importance of Customer Service
09/13/2010, 10:55 PM
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I headed to IKEA today to buy replacement halogen bulbs for my kitchen light fixture.  I had written down the name of the light bulbs (savvy me, I saved the box from four years ago) before heading to IKEA.  But here’s the kicker – they discontinued the Osram halogen bulb.  Now, I guess I could have taken one of the bulbs with me, but would I assume they would discontinue my bulb? 

After several attempts (and many minutes of waiting) to find a specialist to assist me, a fellow Michelle showed up to help.  She provided me, of course, no help.  I had to pick between two similar looking bulbs, so I picked the bulb I thought was the right one.  But it wasn’t!

So, I received NO customer service (at least very inferior customer service) and I left the store with the wrong bulb?  I should seriously consider boycotting IKEA but I love that place… It’s a critical decision to make.

But at the least – IKEA (and many, many, many other retailers like my local Kroger grocery store) needs to step up their customer service.  I know part of why the prices are so low is that IKEA is a very self-service type of establishment, but damn!  Come on, people.  Don’t make me boycott you!  Cuz you should know – I WILL do it… if I have to… but I really don’t want to… but I will… if you make me.

And on another note, I am quite taken with the below light fixture for my dressing room.  What do you think?  Does it look too cheap?  I mean, it’s cheap at only $49.99 – but I don’t want one of my luxurious dressing room’s serious pieces to look cheap.


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I need to see a better pic of the light fixture to determine how cheap it looks.

Comment by Amy

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