A Bust Shopping with Amy and Robin?
10/24/2010, 10:28 PM
Filed under: My Shopping Finds

So, how long have I been looking forward to my little shopping trip with Amy and Robin?  Well, I always look forward to our day of fun each year.  I woke up bright and early to get in a workout before our 10 AM shopping adventure began. 

We started at Old Navy, where I was hoping to get another pair of denim leggings on sale for $20 (no such luck) and to try on the wool trench coat (super cute but not on deep enough sale yet.)  So, I ended up with two favorite tees in grey and red, two pairs of gold flip-flops, one pair red flip-flops, and a black v-neck sweater for less than $20. 

DSW was a total bust, but I did consider buying some black glitter boots by Steve Madden (too tall, glitter falling off in my hands) and these wild Nina shoes with flowers and feathers – which I would have worn in ivory at my wedding if they existed back then but seem too crazy for any sort of regular occasion – see below:

At TJ Maxx, I scored some great pear-shaped CZ stud earrings, three glass decanters (yay for my bar, I’ve been looking for some decanters every time I enter TJ Maxx since the spring,) lots of new underwear, and my favorite jalapeno ketchup.  I did swoon over some Pour La Victoire studded high-heeled ankle boots, but at $249.99 they were above my budget and too tall for any sort of comfortable walking. 😦

We enjoyed lunch at On the Border.  While it’s never my first pick, it’s convenient location at Buckhead Station made it too good to pass up; plus they had a skinny margarita on the menu.  And I’m still boycotting The Tavern at Phipps due to their allegedly racist ways. 

Next, we gave Nordstrom Rack a try.  No shoes there either?  How can this be?  I tried on three dresses that I loved (including a Shoshanna cocktail dress on clearance for $39), but they were all misshapen of sketchy textiles.  I left there with only undies and shower poufs?  I doubt I’ve ever had such pathetic shopping karma at Buckhead Station!

We finished the day by heading to Trader Joe’s where a little bit of impulse shopping gave me comfort.  Not sure I needed pate with mushrooms or lite matured dutch cheese, but why not?  I also found a healthy alternative to fruit roll-ups (a serious weakness) in dried fruit bars that only cost $.55 each. 

So, it was very easy to store my shopping finds since there weren’t that many.  And I enjoyed decanting my spirits on the bar this afternoon – even though I’m not really imbibing much at the moment.  This all reminds me that what the dining room really needs is two coats of black paint, a great mirror for over the bar, some Louis ghost chairs and a new bright orange tablescape.


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