What I’m Thankful For…
11/25/2010, 5:35 PM
Filed under: Holiday

In 2010 there are many things I’m thankful for (as usual) on this Thanksgiving Day:

Starting the day with my husband drinking sparkling rose while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after hitting the gym (thanks to my body for enduring the workout even though I was exhausted before I started)

An opportunity to eat macaroni and cheese and apple pie (not great diet foods LOL) and drink lots of wine

Spending time with friends and family – while eating macaroni and cheese and drinking wine

Decorating the Christmas tree – hopefully mine will happen soon but at least Ben & Jory’s was able to tide me over last night (along with red wine, shortbread crackers, baguette, brie, fig jam, duck liver pate and fancy Pepperidge Farm Entertaining crackers before enjoying chorizo fajitas at El Taco)

Shopping with and for the people I love.  Turns out Thanksgiving Day shopping will rival Black Friday.  And stores are even open today – so smart.  How many Thanksgiving Days have you been bored out of your skull by 5 PM?  Brilliant.

Being able to achieve my weight loss goals – turns out you just need to be vigilant about everything – and fitting size 10’s again. 😉

Switching back to Comcast so I can watch VH1 Soul all day

Listening to my new Kanye CD

Racing to say “Happy Thanksgiving!!!” with as much fanfare as possible to mi mamita on the phone this Thanksgiving morning

Being young, happy and alive in this world.  My cousin Jerry was not so lucky, having passed away in a tragic car accident last Saturday morning.  RIP.  No family barbeque will be the same without you and your charisma.  “We ride drop-top Audis, huh?”  I will miss you so much.  And I promise to keep my rims clean… most of the time.  I want to make you pride.


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