Girl Crush Wednesday: Margaret Schroeder
12/01/2010, 10:30 AM
Filed under: Girl Crush Wednesday

Who the hell is Margaret Schroeder you ask?  Margaret is my absolute favorite character from HBO’s original series Boardwalk Empire.  She is played by the actress Kelley Macdonald – I don’t really know much about her.  But that’s OK b/c this post is not about Kelly – it’s about Margaret. 

Initially I felt sorry for Margaret… A poor Irish woman, she had a sketchy, alcoholic, abusive husband that caused her a miscarriage.  Sadly, he went to sleep with the fishes – under Nucky Thompson’s (at least somewhat sympathetic) orders. 

When Nucky failed to be available for an audience with Margaret, she went about telling the feds about one of his bootlegging operations and protesting alcohol outside the Celtic club on St. Patrick’s Day.  Ironically, that is precisely what landed her Nucky.

I love her sharp wit and obvi intelligence, especially as women were on the cusp of being emancipated in this 1917 Atlantic City, NJ.  Margaret shows she quickly understands how to navigate upper crust society alongside Nucky.  And boy, you must watch her work. 

When she abruptly left Nucky after seeing him for who he really is and calling him on his $h%t, I was like, “Damn, that girl has some cajones.”  Of course, I wonder what will become of her now…  Watch the finale on Sunday to find out!


Source:  Baltimore Sun

Source:  tumblr


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