Elizabeth Edwards Dies: A Clearly Fabulous Woman Moves On…
12/08/2010, 2:27 PM
Filed under: Girl Crush Wednesday

I was totally obsessed with John Edwards back in 2004 – Southern charm, great smile, good hair…  To me, he smelled and looked like a President.  Sadly, the Democratic Party did not agree and he was settled as the number two man behind that Frankenstein-looking John Kerry.  The two Johns were both accompanied by fabulous woman, though clearly Elizabeth Edwards proved a bigger political asset that the wonderfully european Teresa Heinz.

Elizabeth stood by John’s side – not idling – but actively supporting and encouraging other mothers and wives in the political process.  I felt a glow from within her.  Announcing she had breast cancer saddened me, but not her.  She continued to support her husband’s political career even back then.  All these years later, she finally succumbed to the disease yesterday.

It must have been difficult fighting cancer while raising children and discovering that your husband dishonored your relationship in the FOULEST of ways while you are fighting for your life.  But Elizabeth even dealt with adultery and a child outside her marriage with class and grace – something I would have never done.

But then, again, maybe that is why I am writing about Elizabeth instead of standing beside a great man.  They all have their flaws I’ve learned.  yet most are smart enough to pick a woman who stands beside them and lifts and guides them into the even greater men they become.  Surely, Elizabeth was one of those women.

So while I feel we are all a bit sad for the way her life ended, she made it clear that she wants us to remember how she lived and not how she died.  I will honor that.  So think of everyone whose life has been improved and brightened by her life… girls like me and you.  And let her be an example of the type of graceful, strong women we may someday become.

Source:  CBS News

The news of her demise shocked me.  It saddened me.  I literally cried out, “Oh my god.  No!  Not already…”  But reflecting on her life and how she chose to live gives me encouragement.  I think that is exactly what she would have wanted for all of us.


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