Letting Go to Make Room for New, Fabulous Stuff
01/30/2011, 9:45 PM
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I spent a good portion of the weekend digging through my evening gown and cocktail dress closet.  (Yes, I do have a whole closet dedicated to evening gowns and  cocktail dresses.  I go to a lot of events.)  I knew that with my recent (39 pounds and counting) weight loss, a lot of these items would no longer fit.  And boy was I right…

This stack of dresses includes three Calvin Klein cocktail dresses (the exact same dress in 3 different colors b/c I loved it that much), a cute tiered gown that I wore to a ball back in November, and many other things that are actually fabulous.  So I was actually a little sad to get rid of these items. 

Luckily for me, Jamison kept me on track and reminded me of this activity as a huge sign of SUCCESS.  He told me that I am getting rid of these things to make room for new, fabulous clothes.  That did make me feel a little excited… Though I, for real, can’t buy a damn thing until March.

An episode of “Kimora Life in the Fab Lane” also dealt with this issue.  (She hosted an estate sale to get rid of some “clutter” in her NJ mansion.)  In fact, that show is what encouraged me to continue the purging spirit all the way through my evening gown & cocktail dress closet.  What am I up to next?  The swimsuit stacks!  The sweater bins!  Maybe even sunglasses (but let’s not get too crazy.) 

If you have not taken full stock of what you own, I implore you to do so.  It’s about making room for the fabulous.  It is OK to get rid of the pants that are too big or too small even though they are so cute.  (Check out Tiffany’s opinion on “fat jeans” and “skinny” clothes on her blog I am Style-ish.  I have totally adopted her perspective!)  It’s OK to donate those brand new running shoes you’ve never worn and honestly are never going to wear.  Because who knows what may be coming your way soon?  And don’t you deserve it!


Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Guiseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Platform Pumps
01/28/2011, 11:18 AM
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I am a huge lover of the platform.  You get taller heels without all that pain (except for Louboutins.  It does not seem that platforms help those damn torture devices out at all.)  I love the nude-ish color of these Guiseppe Zanottis, and I LOVE the ankle strap and peep toe.

I wonder if these are actually 5.25 inches of comfort?  I don’t think I’ll get to find out at $595.  Yes, I am still focusing on the great credit card payoff of 2011.  But you can splurge and get them at Saks.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Bridget Moynahan
01/26/2011, 11:05 AM
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I am the kind of girl who loves Sex and the City.  Really, really, really loves it.  That means that “I am a Carrie” kind of chick.  (Yes, I had that tank top.  And I wore it with oodles of pearls.) 

I also adore love stories, so last night I watched “Serendipity” for the millionth time.  Why do I tell you all this?  Watching the movie made me pressed not for the star, Kate Beckinsale – though I do love her a LOT, but for the woman whose fiance called the wedding off.  Yes, that girl was Bridget Moynahan, who also played Natasha on “Sex and the City.”  (Another woman who got played by her dude.)

I love her super preppy, shiny haired self:

And while Tom Brady chose to marry Gisele instead of Bridget, I think that she is doing very well for herself and her son.  I saw that she is on a show, “Blue Bloods,” so she still has quite the shoe budget.  A fabulous gal, I say. 😉

My Goodwill Shopping Finds
01/23/2011, 1:48 AM
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On Saturday, I spent the afternoon shopping with Amy.  We started our adventure off at one of my favorite places – The Goodwill.  This particular location (on Peachtree Parkway in Norcross, for those of you in Atlanta) has produced many of my favorite items.  I was not at all let down by my scores:

Vintage chair – Yes, this is DYING for a coat of paint and new upholstery.  But at $10.91, I felt it was too great a bargain to pass up.

Crystal dip server with silver edge and golden glass cruets – I love the look of these cruets but I am not sure how I will actually use them.  Maybe to hold bubble bath or bath salts?  I do love fancy wine vinegars, so I could store them in the cruets.  And I am a big fan of all crystal serving dishes, especially when scored for cheap at Goodwill.

Ivory full length faux fur coat – Perfect condition, not a single stain or flaw.  Not even on the lining.  $26.91 is a splurge at Goodwill, but surely a steal anywhere else.  So of course I got it!

Mint plastic link bracelet with rhinestone detail and wooden & shell necklace – I love both of these pieces.  Did you know that the Goodwill charges a standard $3.73 each for bracelets and necklaces (special priced goods are exempt.)

Red snakeskin Lord & Taylor belt – I love the big gold buckle.  And I am a big fan of animal skins.  Sorry, PETA.  (No, I didn’t noticed the “scar” until I got the belt at home.  So sad, hope it can be salvaged.)

Charcoal and white striped silk sheath dress – So classy, yet so me.  I am fully in love.

AB Studio black and white graphic sheath dress – Thanks to Amy for pulling this straight off the rack for me as soon as it hit the floor.  You guys know I adore anything black and white with graphic print.

Josephine Chaus hot pink long skirt – This will surely be a staple in my summer wardrobe.  I am dreaming of pairing it with big ole platforms and little bright-colored tank tops.  Orange is the first thing that comes to mind…

Liz Claiborne Blue polka dot blazer – I love the 3/4 length sleeves and it has a great cut.  The cutest detail – a little bow in the back.

Navy blazer with red bows on pockets – Amy also picked this out for me.  I love the cute little detail.

Worth ice blue fringed blazer – This is crazy in the kind of way I like.  A lot.  Meaning Jamison does not.  It is dying for a belt.

Note:  All dresses and jackets are $5.89 at Goodwill.  Isn’t is amazing what you can get for $99.70 at Goodwill?

My Introduction to ShoeWoo – 80% Off Sale
01/22/2011, 1:40 AM
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I had never even been to ShoeWoo, but it’s on my list now – thanks to Daneen of SpoiledPretty.  The Enzo Angiolini Jumble pump is so classy and yet so practical.  The croc embossed leather is even a little funky.


I have always been a fan of the kitten heel and did not manage to acquire any in the spring, so I was quite pleased to find these super cute pumps in black and gold (you KNOW I wanted the pewter too, but I decided to chill out) for a mere $26.70 each.  And there is $5 flat rate shipping?  So, you know how I do… Sign me up!  Check out the sale, guys.  Maybe there is something for you too.

And, yes, I know this is the THIRD shopping diet transgression.  Sorry, people.  I believe strongly in a deal. 🙂

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Gucci Handmade Leather Top Handle Bag
01/21/2011, 10:30 AM
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OMG, I so love this amazing Gucci bag that I just spied today:

I love its handcrafted look and dark brown color.  But damn, at $5,300 it is out of my price point.  Go get it at Saks.

What I’m Rocking: Double Graphic
01/19/2011, 9:38 PM
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I LOVE bold, graphic prints.  When I saw this skirt at Burlington Coat Factory in Omaha, I just HAD to own it.  It is SO Gwen Stefani – my fashion idol!  I could so see it with my patent yellow pumps. 

Since I work for a fairly conservative company (don’t worry, I am always pushing the envelope) and am going to happy hour tonight, I decided to ditch the yellow and pair it with (much more demure) red patent pumps. 😉

Yes, to ensure I was appropriately conservative I did also wear my fave zebra print trench coat.  Hey – there was a chance of rain!  I love the doubling up of graphic prints on top of one another, hence the title – “Double Graphic.”

Zebra print MICHAEL Michael Kors Jacket:  Bluefly – Amy bought this for me for my birthday in 2007.  I was feening for the Dior version, but this one was MUCH more affordable.  it is one of my fave pieces.

Black v-neck t-shirt:  Gap – I stock up on these in bulk when I hit a Gap Outlet.  Sadly, I bought several in large (what was I thinking?  I have always been a HUGE believer in size smedium) that I have to donate.

Black and red graphic skirt:  Burlington Coat Factory – Don’t think I need to elaborate anymore here.

Red patent pumps:  Nine West Outlet – Yes, they are the same ones I wear ALL the time.  And I still love them.  I even got a compliment on them in the elevator this morning.  And they are quite comfortable!!!

Gold hoop earrings:  Charming Charlie – These are ALSO a gift from Amy.  (Damn, apparently she really loves me.)  I just love them and how they look against my paler winter skin.  But they’ll be REALLY hot with a tan!