What I’m Rocking: No Longer Snowed in Saturday
01/16/2011, 2:16 AM
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I am not sure if you guys have been watching the news over the last week, but we have been snowed (and iced) in here in Atlanta ALL WEEK.  Literally, going to the grocery store and gym yesterday afternoon was the first time I left the house except for a brief Publix run on Wednesday afternoon.

Today Jamison and I headed to a favorite restaurant, Grinds and Wines, in Peachtree City.  We affectionately refer to the restaurant as “the crabcake place” b/c we are VERY partial to their crab cakes.  Their Crab Cake Salad is one of the only salads I actually enjoy eating – and it doesn’t even have CHEESE on it!  Unfortunately, I got car sick on our way to lunch, so I could not have a delicious glass of wine OR my beloved salad.  Since my stomach was feeling sketchy, I ate half of the small pizza margarita and drank club soda with lime to settle my stomach.  I did feel better by the time we left!

I kept it comfy and casual:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Black Leather Jacket:  TJ Maxx – I am so in love with the buttery softness and fit of this jacket.  It makes me feel VERY cool.  And you know, I love that I snapped it up on clearance, baby!

Black and white striped top:  H&M – I got this summer at H&M in Boston and rocked it all summer.  I still love it.

Gap slim fit jeans:  Gap – I ordered these back in 2004.  I wore them on my first date with Jamison.  They are looser today than they were on that Friday night in November.  I still love the very straight cut and am sad they discontinued them!  Maybe I should campaign for their return?  I do really like them.  But maybe I should actually try some of their new cuts too.  We’ll see.

Pebbled black leather ankle boots:  TJ Maxx – I got these for $29.99 during the 2009 annual shopping weekend with Robin.  I really want to like them.  But they are not as comfy as I wanted them to be.  The high arch just kills me with my flat feet. 😦

The snow and ice are mostly melted here, but I wanted you guys to see at least a little of what remains after two 50 degree days.  I really wanted to make a clearly fabulous snowman with Jamison on Monday evening, but it was just too cold for me to bear going outside.  I really wanted to showcase my vintage jeweled cigarette holder as a prop, but we’ll have to find another occasion…


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i can see your weight loss in your face. am loving the jacket, too. if ever you are tired and looking to give it someone you love very much and lives in Maryland look no further 🙂

Comment by marguerite

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