Letting Go to Make Room for New, Fabulous Stuff
01/30/2011, 9:45 PM
Filed under: Random

I spent a good portion of the weekend digging through my evening gown and cocktail dress closet.  (Yes, I do have a whole closet dedicated to evening gowns and  cocktail dresses.  I go to a lot of events.)  I knew that with my recent (39 pounds and counting) weight loss, a lot of these items would no longer fit.  And boy was I right…

This stack of dresses includes three Calvin Klein cocktail dresses (the exact same dress in 3 different colors b/c I loved it that much), a cute tiered gown that I wore to a ball back in November, and many other things that are actually fabulous.  So I was actually a little sad to get rid of these items. 

Luckily for me, Jamison kept me on track and reminded me of this activity as a huge sign of SUCCESS.  He told me that I am getting rid of these things to make room for new, fabulous clothes.  That did make me feel a little excited… Though I, for real, can’t buy a damn thing until March.

An episode of “Kimora Life in the Fab Lane” also dealt with this issue.  (She hosted an estate sale to get rid of some “clutter” in her NJ mansion.)  In fact, that show is what encouraged me to continue the purging spirit all the way through my evening gown & cocktail dress closet.  What am I up to next?  The swimsuit stacks!  The sweater bins!  Maybe even sunglasses (but let’s not get too crazy.) 

If you have not taken full stock of what you own, I implore you to do so.  It’s about making room for the fabulous.  It is OK to get rid of the pants that are too big or too small even though they are so cute.  (Check out Tiffany’s opinion on “fat jeans” and “skinny” clothes on her blog I am Style-ish.  I have totally adopted her perspective!)  It’s OK to donate those brand new running shoes you’ve never worn and honestly are never going to wear.  Because who knows what may be coming your way soon?  And don’t you deserve it!


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