Unfortunate Blogcation – R.I.P. Tony
04/22/2011, 6:50 PM
Filed under: Random

I am so sorry to have disappeared on you guys.  My father, Michael Anthony Edmonds, passed away unexpectedly, so I have been traveling back and forth to Denver and Omaha to both say goodbye to him and host his memorial service respectively over the last couple of weeks. 

My dad, affectionately known to me and many others as Tony, was SO MUCH FUN!  So, even though he has gone way too soon (only 52 years old) I feel that it is my duty to carry a little piece of him out in the world each day.  He would want us all to be happy and have fun, so I am trying really hard to do that.  After all, he was the one that taught me that in order for a woman to be beautiful she need only have long hair, friendly eyes and a small waistline.

The celebration of his life included many shots of Jack Daniels & ice-cold Budweiser, more tears than he’d be OK with, a very lovely memorial at St. Cecilia Chapel, and of course fried chicken!

While I try my best to get back to normal, I recognize it will be difficult.  No one can replace such vibrant energy.  And who else will watch Jeopardy every single day?  I hope Alex doesn’t lose his job without Tony’s ratings. 😉

Left to right:  My mom, me, Jamison and Tony

My sister Brittany and Tony

R.I.P. Tony 1959 – 2011


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