Really, Fedex?
06/21/2011, 11:59 PM
Filed under: Random

Update:  After calling FedEx this morning, I was given a case number.  Guess what I heard this afternoon… My doorbell ring.  Guess what it was – the plates!  They are going to be perfect. 

We already have moved all of the items from the dining room.  I taped off the doorways and wiped down the walls and molding.  Jamison went scouting the right paint options.  I’ll pick up the paint later this week and get to painting this weekend.  Now we need to settle on the right animal head from Z Gallerie…

I have been sitting around anxiously awaiting the arrival of my CB2 BBF dinner plates, which were on sale for $2.50 each. 

I’ve even committed to painting the dining room (Finally!) this weekend because of them. 

So imagine my sadness when they were not here waiting for me this evening.  Imagine even more surprise when – according to the tracking site – they were allegedly delivered at 6:28 – while I saw at home, downstairs?  So I checked outside.  I checked the neighbors’ front doors.  But no damn plates.  And then I call FedEx and their system is down?  Bull$hit!!!

I am pi$$ed, people.  This ain’t right.  And now I can only rant until to you guys the system is back up in 30 minutes.


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