Final Major Shopping Trip of 2011 (Or So She Says…)
09/26/2011, 12:54 AM
Filed under: My Shopping Finds

One of the most well-known keys to success is to make declaration of your goal to people who will hold you accountable.  I have many goals, but I need your help with one simple goal – one I think I asked for your help with this time LAST fall.  Shopping.  Not doing any.*

And I think this year it’s for good reason.  Last year it was all about paying off tax debt and credit card debt – good but un-fun reasons.  This year it’s still about paying off debt (at least a little) but it’s MOSTLY about saving for Paris in January.  Way fun reason.

So, I started prepping myself for this challenge a few weeks ago when I decided I would definitely join my friend Rox in Paris.  I even allowed myself a little “farewell” shopping trip with my girl Kai last weekend.  And it yielded some good stuff from Nordstrom Rack:

Jack Plaid Coat – Would you believe I scored this for $39.97?  I was thrilled.  It is SO chic.

Brown herringbone Vivienne Vivienne Tam pencil skirt – This was $19.99.  I was looking for a camel pencil skirt but the only one they had at the Rack was not up to quality standards.  This worked nicely to at least have ONE pencil skirt in the brown-ish family to wear.  Until I find my camel one.  Which I’ve been searching for (fruitlessly) for nearly a YEAR. 😦

Chocolate Brown Steve Madden croc print belt (see below)- I am not sure if you’ve ever tried searching for a belt in small.  It’s SO not easy.  Especially when you exclusively shop at discounters like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.  But this belt looks very luxurious AND rang up at $18.97.  I wish they had it in black too, but only mediums!  I love the big chunky hardware too.

Adrienne Vittadini LBD – You guys know I am cheap, so paying $44.97 for this LBD was a pretty big splurge.  However, I love the heavy stretch jersey fabric AND I really needed to replace my lone work-appropriate LBD.  (This was painfully obvious when I wore it to a funeral a few weeks back.  It’s just too big so it kinda hangs off my body.  Never a good look.)  And did you peep the sleeves?  Such a way to amp up a simple piece.  Yes, I am purging the old dress.


Bliss hand cream – I love these creams, but I can’t dream of paying retail on it.  Last time I was at the Rack, there was NO bliss cream.  I got two this time.  That is probably a yearish supply for me.  And they were $3.97 each.

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer – At $.99 and 0.5 oz, it is a traveling gal’s dream.  So I bought three.  And kinda wanted more…  I am learning my version of restraint.

Spa Sisters eye mask – I hate the celery color but really needed one for my nightstand.  I actually need like 4 but would not stock up in celery, even for $2.97.  Yes, I am THAT girl.

Spa Sisters Shower Pouf – I always get these here.  How Pink. $1.97.  No questions about it.

Labratoire Remede Cleansing Cream with exfoliating beads – Winter is coming, so I’ll need a creamier wash.  And it exfoliates,  and I adore Remede.  Damn you, Jo’ie for getting me addicted to the good stuff.  Even at $16.99 it was a deal.  One I almost didn’t get until the clerk told me it rocked.

Note:  On a recent Ulta run, I scored two Nivea lotions for $5.28.  It was my version of extreme couponing – buy one, get one 50% off, plus $3.50 off, plus two $1 off coupons.  I feel like I need my own show. 😉

The TJ Maxx trip was pretty quick b/c we realized we’d need to high tail it to brunch if we were to shop AND eat/enjoy cocktails at South City Kitchen before their flight.

Hobo International Black Patent Belt (Steve Madden belt from above also pictured) – This was only $12.99.  And it was leather – unlike the vinyl Steve Madden belt I paid MORE for at the Rack.  Now all my belt woes are solved!  Between the brown and black basics I scored on this trip and all the belts I’ve been stacking all summer, I have LOTS of smalls to accent my waist on cute dresses, over jackets, etc.

*Restrictions and exceptions apply:  Christmas shopping for others, key pieces on my “need” list – navy pencil skirt, camel pencil skirt, maybe ONE pair new boots for Paris, winter skin care if needed.  And I’m sure I’ll think of others lol.


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