Purge-tastic, Bi%che$
09/28/2011, 12:52 AM
Filed under: Interior Design, My Shopping Finds

I don’t know if you can tell from the headline, but I have been going purge crazy.  A couple of weeks ago, I hit the jacket closet up and sadly relinquished an orange coat I’ve been meaning to repair for years that is now too big.  And a few other things.

Then when Kai came to visit we did a quick but mighty purge of my handbags.  I kept the classic ones (even those I don’t ever or have ever even thought of carried) and tossed the rest – mostly Canal Street knockoffs from my past.

Oh and the shoes.  I had so many shoes worn never, worn once.  I mean close to two thousand dollars worth of shoes without a single scrape on the soles.  What a waste of money!  It goes to show that cheap stuff is not usually that cheap.  This is why you cannot buy things due to their low price.  Especially me…  Welcome to my Sunday night of reflection.

What you cannot see in these photos is the EXTRA pairs of shoes that I decided to purge last night with (of all people’s assistance) Jamison’s help.  We decided on a few that I have been resisting purging for a LONG time.  And some shoes that I forgot about – literally.  I mean, there were TWO pairs of Enzo Angiolini black patent ankle strap pumps (one brand new) from 2004.  They were all the rage seven years ago, but the shape is a little odd now.

What I have learned from all of this purging is the importance of buying things that I truly LOVE.  Just because something is highly discounted or a good deal doesn’t mean it should come home with me.  And I am going to try to continue my rule of “if I don’t wear it within two weeks…” it has to go back.

I wish I’d taken a full “Before” picture of the dressing room – I’ll have to unearth some – b/c I am planning to change my entire shoe display/storage practice in the dressing room.  Watch out.  More to come!


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