All the Stuff I Wasn’t Supposed to Buy… Part 1
10/25/2011, 10:24 AM
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Why is it that as soon as you make a proclamation, you are destined to break it.  Jory warned me that as soon as I said, “No shopping until Paris,” I’d shop away.  He was right.  So what did I buy?

It started with a mini-shopping spree (with him, to look for a smaller black pencil shirt, which I did not find) at Burlington Coat Factory when I picked my car up from the Audi dealership for its regular maintenance:

White Calvin Klein Cocktail Dress – $34.99 on clearance.  Isn’t it SO much like Eva Mendes’ famous dress?)

Yellow Calvin Klein Cocktail Dress – $34.99 on clearance.  I adore sequin waistband.

Calvin Klein Black Cardigan with Pearl Trim – $19.99.  This will be fab for dressy, casual and even work friendly.

Tan and Black Navajo Print Pencil Skirt – $19.99.  I could not resist this.  And the jersey is SO soft and flattering.


Another Unexpected Blogcation
10/25/2011, 1:16 AM
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First off, let me say that I KNOW I have been totally off the grid lately.  Things at work are crazy.  So, this is not a big “return” blog but a “I know that I really, really suck right now” blog.  I will have to share ALL the things I’ve bought after my declaration to not buy a damn thing very soon.  (Spoiler alert:  vintage leathers in Pittsburgh)

I am hoping that I can spend a few hours this weekend sharing the tales of my finds.

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Jimmy Choo Kiln Crystal-Covered Mesh and Suede Ankle Boots
10/07/2011, 10:27 AM
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OK, these are HOT.  Impractical.  Purple.  Blingy.  Too freakin tall (5 and 3/4 inches?) – am I truly a hooker?  But damn, you, Jimmy Choo:

But after those adjectives, do you really think I’d pay $1995 for them?  Sorry but no!  I adore them, but they are like not even an option.  But if you are more brave and paid than me, you know they are at Saks.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Amanda Knox
10/05/2011, 3:02 PM
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I am know it’s kinda cliché, but I think that this week I’d be WRONG to feature anyone but Amanda Knox as my girl crush. 

It’s impossible to find a flattering picture of her since the Italian media was busy painting a picture of her as an evil murderess while I always believed that the story of “a sex game gone wrong” made no sense.  Anyway, I am glad that the evidence spoke for itself and a judge and jury freed her.  I hope she spends many happy, quiet years with her family in Seattle.

After FOUR years in Italian prison, I would not blame her for never wanting to hit up the Milan outlets or The Forum in Rome and wanting to bike and eat her way from Tuscany.  Happy Homecoming.  Freedom, I’m sure, has never tasted so sweet to a 24-year-old girl.

My October Month in Shoes…
10/03/2011, 10:46 PM
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This month I have decided to challenge myself (thanks to Jory) to wear a different pair of shoes ever day (at least every work day).  Here is today’s pick:

I scored these Vince Camuto lace-up leather cognac oxfords at DSW on clearance back in 2009, I think.  And this is the SECOND time I’ve worn them.  And they are fab.  Not the most comfy but not terrible.  I need some non-slip cushions to stop my foot from sliding forward in these.  Payless BOGO, baby!

My Dressing Room Post-Purge
10/02/2011, 9:39 PM
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Letting go of over 25 pairs of shoes and 15 purses was not as difficult as I expected.  And the decision to remove (nearly all) the shoes from the boxes was brilliant.  Of course, I color coordinated the (nearly 100 pairs of remaining) shoes.  I SO love the look of the dressing room now:

It actually looks SO much cleaner than it did before.  And I’ve got some room to grow.

The vanity table and tufted velvet bench are STARS of the room.  And I love my tongue-in-cheek “canaries” in the bird-cage:  They are vintage YSL yellow suede pumps in MINT condition.  I keep saying I’ll wear them one day, but I haven’t in over 9 years LOL.  And the original owner did not wear them either.  It kinda seems wrong to…

Isn’t this mustard yellow tufted French chair amazing?  It’s the original upholstery!  And that Louis Vuitton print is a vintage magazine ad.  I HAD to have that Marilyn Monroe print at my local Ross.  (It was $19.99 plus tax.)

I also took a few random shots of my storage shelves:

A shot of my trimmed-down purse section, jewelry, perfumes and my leopard print pumps with hat boxes on top

The brown, metallic and part of my black shoe section.  I was shocked that I had SO MANY black shoes that they took three sections!

My colorful shoe section

My vanity tray with jewelry, brooches, pictures and my golden piggy bank

My necklace and bracelet storage

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but I thought this “new and improved” version was worth posting!  I hope you like it.  I think being able to actually see the shoes will really help me wear a more broad range of my shoe collection, one of my October resolutions!

Who Knew This is What My Wedding was Missing…
10/01/2011, 12:58 PM
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When I saw this image on Green Wedding Shoes, I HAD to go to etsy to buy it:

But it costs $270!!!  Plus shipping.  I could justify this if I were getting married or something, but alas, I need to stick with my Forever21 fascinators for now.  I promise I am thinking REALLY HARD about it.

This is why etsy rocks.  Handmade, one-of-a-kind items are amazing.