My Dressing Room Post-Purge
10/02/2011, 9:39 PM
Filed under: Interior Design

Letting go of over 25 pairs of shoes and 15 purses was not as difficult as I expected.  And the decision to remove (nearly all) the shoes from the boxes was brilliant.  Of course, I color coordinated the (nearly 100 pairs of remaining) shoes.  I SO love the look of the dressing room now:

It actually looks SO much cleaner than it did before.  And I’ve got some room to grow.

The vanity table and tufted velvet bench are STARS of the room.  And I love my tongue-in-cheek “canaries” in the bird-cage:  They are vintage YSL yellow suede pumps in MINT condition.  I keep saying I’ll wear them one day, but I haven’t in over 9 years LOL.  And the original owner did not wear them either.  It kinda seems wrong to…

Isn’t this mustard yellow tufted French chair amazing?  It’s the original upholstery!  And that Louis Vuitton print is a vintage magazine ad.  I HAD to have that Marilyn Monroe print at my local Ross.  (It was $19.99 plus tax.)

I also took a few random shots of my storage shelves:

A shot of my trimmed-down purse section, jewelry, perfumes and my leopard print pumps with hat boxes on top

The brown, metallic and part of my black shoe section.  I was shocked that I had SO MANY black shoes that they took three sections!

My colorful shoe section

My vanity tray with jewelry, brooches, pictures and my golden piggy bank

My necklace and bracelet storage

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but I thought this “new and improved” version was worth posting!  I hope you like it.  I think being able to actually see the shoes will really help me wear a more broad range of my shoe collection, one of my October resolutions!


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I love the purge! I too began organizing my shoe collection by color. It makes such a bring difference when not deciding on a red shoe but which red shoe! So cool… For now, I will continue to dream about your room and look forward to Nikki’s dressing room coming out party!

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