My Attempt to Turn Over a New Leaf Regarding Acquisition
11/01/2011, 11:23 PM
Filed under: My Shopping Victory, Random

The fact that I could not keep my own “no shopping” promise (details coming soon) to myself made me batty.  So batty (since when do I say the word, “batty” BTW?) that I had to do some serious brainstorming with Jory on the situation while we drove to Nashville for a business trip last month.

Why do I love buying things so much?  How can I channel that desire and joy to something else?  So that is my mission: to find less joy in the act of acquisition.  And it’s gonna be tricky because I adore the act of hunting and finding and bringing things home and telling the story of where I got and who I was with and how I was feeling and how much (little) it cost…

What can I do help me meet my own goal?  Well, Jory helped me come up with some ideas to help set me up for success.  It turns out that I think I can accomplish my goal with two basic rules:

  1. One item in, one item out*
  2. No shopping for fun unless traveling

How will I measure my success? I plan to photograph my entire wardrobe (using the iPhone app My Closet – yes, I did finally join the iPhone generation).  I need to count the total number of items in my wardrobe to ensure I can appropriately determine which item(s) should be “out” after acquiring a new piece.

I also need to identify acquisition triggers, which are plentiful for me.  One quick fix was to begin to delete all those shopping emails.  I also have to avoid random trips to the mall (particularly at lunch) for no reason.  Shopping needs to become about getting a particular thing that I need, not a “fun” activity.  I also need to find different things to do when my friends come in town to visit – maybe I can get more serious about consulting others when they need new pieces…

Either way, this is bound to be a huge challenge for me, so remind me to keep you guys posted.

*Excludes the items I collect like vintage jewelry and furs.


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