My Goodwill Scores
11/23/2011, 11:21 PM
Filed under: My Shopping Finds, Random

I feel like I haven’t hung out with Amy in forever.  This past Saturday we got started nice early and managed to accomplish a lot between 10 AM and 7:30 PM:

  1. “Breakfast” beer (after biscuits and sausage of course)
  2. Goodwill shopping (see below for details)
  3. Shopping for sunflower seed pie ingredients (like pecan pie but with sunflower seeds instead – and she so graciously volunteered to make it for me after I brought it up)
  4. More beer while waiting for Amy’s haircut
  5. Haircut for Amy
  6. Lunch at Eduardo’s Mexican Grill on Lavista Rd. (you must go there if you live in ATL, the food was superb)
  7. Cocktails and gossip mag reading while watching Amy’s Goodwill fashion show (you MUST see the blue dress)
  8. Sunflower seed pie eating and socializing with neighbors
  9. A little pasta dinner before I headed back home

Didn’t we do a LOT?  And I know you are thinking I “slipped in” the shopping, but you will be proud to know that all except one item is in my “no limit/no exclusions” category*.  Here is what I scored for $31.10:


Black sequined top – $4.97

Multicolored sequin top – $4.97

Black satin peplum jacket – $5.97 (didn’t photograph well but so flattering, very nippy at the waist)

Red embellished blazer (so Dallas) – $5.97

Red clutch – $5.75

Two red and gold trays for my dressing room – $.77 each

*Items that I collect are excluded from the shopping rules.  This includes vintage jewelry, vintage trays, vintage furs, all things sequined/embellished, vintage leather jackets… well, you get the hint.  A lot of vintage things that are special – especially to me.


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